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Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology

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Research in the Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology focuses on how people learn, apply and create new information in the sciences and technologies of agriculture. This includes inquiry in how to improve teaching and learning within an agricultural context.

Research takes place in a variety of locations. The department maintains on-campus labs to develop new methods and techniques in teaching and learning in agriculture. Faculty members also conduct research in both formal and non-formal educational settings such as schools and communities.

Some of the recent research conducted by faculty and graduate students in Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology include the development and testing of new curriculum materials in AgriScience education. Through departmental efforts, new materials and procedures in teaching practical applications of science at the K-12 levels are being developed with aquaculture and hydroponics systems placed in numerous schools.
In another example, the department recently conducted community-based research on barriers to participation in agricultural careers among minority youth in Arkansas. A different study compared hands-on, active learning with more traditional passive learning strategies on secondary school student academic performance and satisfaction toward learning. Yet another study seeks to describe the professional mobility of graduates of agricultural education.
Several faculty members regularly publish their research in refereed journals such as the Journal of Agricultural Education and The Proceedings of the National Agricultural Education Research Meeting. Departmental faculty members have served on the editorial boards of professional journals and have chaired the national professional research meeting.

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