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Rice Research and Extension Center

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RREC Newsletter

The University of Arkansas Rice Research and Extension Center (RREC) is located nine miles east of Stuttgart on Highway 130, in the heart of the famous Grand Prairie rice-growing region. The first land acquired for the Center was deeded in 1927, when a group of farmers and the UA recognized the need for locally-conducted rice research. Subsequent land acquisitions were added to what is now 1,022 acres devoted to research in rice and rotation crops such

as soybean and wheat. In combination with the USDA/ARS National Rice Research Center located next door, the RREC is the largest rice research location in the U.S. and is well known worldwide. Students, interns, and research and industry professionals visit frequently, staying from a day to a few years.

Research at the Center is applied and production-oriented. The faculty are engaged in research projects in plant breeding and genetics, pathology, entomology, agronomy, water conservation, physiology and economics.  The Extension faculty members disseminate the results from this research and demonstrate research applications on whole field or whole farm situations. Many projects integrate several disciplines. For example, the rice breeding program includes not only the breeders, but pathology, entomology, and agronomy as well. All projects have very close working relationships with the greater rice industry. Most research is funded by the Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board.


RREC building
New RREC facilities completed in 2010 provide for enhanced research and extension programs to meet the needs of Arkansas producers.

The mission of the Rice Research and Extension Center is to plan and implement research and extension programs for the improvement of production efficiency for rice farmers in Arkansas, emphasizing natural resource conservation, and enriching the lives of the citizens of Arkansas.

The University of Arkansas Rice Research and Extension Center (RREC) has had nearly a century of service to Arkansas agriculture and its people.  The Center’s beginnings date to 1925 when a group of rice farmers recognized the need for research-based information to answer specific production problems.  Presently, the Center serves as the focal point for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s applied rice research and education programs and is nationally and internationally recognized for the practical solutions to producers’ problems that are obtained by faculty.

The Rice Research and Extension Center comprises 1,022 acres (414 hectares) of formerly native prairie, including 732 acres for small-plot research and foundation seed, 108 acres in reservoirs, 40 acres in the building complex, and the balance in woods, roads, ditches, etc.  An underground irrigation system is connected to the reservoirs and one deep well.  A new state-of-the-art office and laboratory facility was opened in 2010 that includes a 350-seat conference center, 16,616 sq ft of laboratory space, and 2,940 sq ft of new greenhouse space.  Other facilities include multiple greenhouses, laboratories, a seed processing plant, a shop, equipment storage shed, chemical mixing facility, four residences for visiting students and scientists, and the original 1927 office building.

Stuttgart Weather Station

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