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Field Day

Rice Research and Extension Center
August 11, 2010

Outside Presentations

Dr. Wengui YanHybrid Rice

Dr. Wengui Yan of the USDA Dale Bumpers Rice Research Center and Zongbu Yan of the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s Rice Research and Extension Center discuss hybrid rice research.

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Dr. Rick CartwrightRice Diseases

Dr. Rick Cartwright, extension plant pathologist, discusses disease resistance and susceptibility in rice varieties and breeding lines.

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Dr. Karen MoldenhauerRice Varieties

Drs. Karen Moldenhauer and James Gibbons discuss Division of Agriculture rice breeding research.

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Trent RobertsSoil Testing for Rice

Trent Roberts, extension soil scientist, describes work with the NStar soil testing program for rice.

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Dr. Jeremy RossSoybean Production

Dr. Jeremy Ross, extension agronomist-soybeans, discusses production practices aimed at getting optimal yields from soybeans.

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Dr. Bob ScottWeed Management

Dr. Bob Scott, extension weed scientist, discusses weed control for rice and soybeans.

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Inside Presentations

Dr. Lanier NalleyCarbon Offsets in Agriculture

Dr. Lanier Nalley, agricultural economist, discusses rising agricultural issues and opportunities in carbon offsets.

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Dr. Mike PoppBiofuels

Dr. Mike Popp, agricultural economist, discusses related to carbon offset incentives, biomass markets, impacts of decline in the alluvial acquifers and biofuel production.

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Dr. Terry GriffenYield Potential

Dr. Terry Griffen, agricultural economist, discusses the use of research verification programs in agriculture crop management planning.

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Dr. Tom RileyWater Availability and Rights

Dr. Tom Riley, agricultural economist, describes issues related to declining acquifers that have an impact on Arkansas agriculture.

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