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Mike Sisco - Grants Officer- 219 AFLS Bldg. Fayetteville,  AR 72701 - 479/575-4449 phone   479/575-2410 fax   msisco@uark.edu

Bo Chang/Assistant Grants Officer 219 AFLS Bldg.. Fayetteville, AR  72701 - 479/575-4766 phone  479/575-2410 fax  bchang@uark.edu

All proposals must be submitted through AES Grants Office.  As soon as you know you plan to enter a proposal, please email your intention to submit. Complete proposals are to be submitted to the AES Grants Office at least five(5) working days prior to Sponsor deadlines.   Complete proposals are those for which no further work is required in order to submit (including this signed routing form and any other forms required by any reviewing office on this campus).   Proposals needing revision of any kind will again have to meet this 5-day requirement.

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