University of Arkansas. Spring, 2002. CLST 4003H. Greek Religion. D. B. Levine



February 12 (Hesiod Essay Due)


Read the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, and bring to class a list of at least five passages with evidence of religion/cult. These have to include line numbers, and one sentence on what you find in that passage. The Hymn is short (shorter than most of the individual books in the Iliad and Odyssey, half the length of the Theogony, and shorter than Works and Days).


You may check the Homeric Hymns out of the Library, if they are there, or you may read te Homeric Hymn to Demeter on line at the Perseus Digital Library site:


We shall begin reports on Robert Parker's Athenian Religion: A History on Thursday, February 14.


Before students give reports, they will type a 1-2 page summary/outline of the important points in their readings. These handouts will include things that the class should understand in order to appreciate Greek Religion as the author explains it. The handouts will explain the concepts and information simply and briefly, and define new and interesting words.


Students will send these sumaries to the professor as emails or attachments on email AT LEAST two days before their reports are due. This will give the professor a chance to answer questions and check facts. The professor will post the summary/outlines on the class web site, and students may project them during their presentations. Colloquium members will download and print the handouts before class, and bring them to class so they may take notes on them.


February 14 Athenian Religion: A History. REPORTS

1) Chapter 1: Introduction, pages 1-9. Dave

2) Chapter 2: Out of the Dark Age, pages 10-28. (Joe)

3) Chapter 3: Mountain Peaks and Tombs of Heroes, pages 29-42 (Mara)

4) Chapter 4: Solon's Calendar, pages 43-55. (D. B. Levine)


February 19 Athenian Religion: A History. REPORTS.

1) Chapter 5: Archaic Priesthood: The Problem of the Gene, pages 56-66, and the Appendix on pages 308-316 on the Salaminioi (Carl)

2) Chapter 6: The Sixth Century: New Splendours, pages 67-101. (Rachel and Carrie)

3) Chapter 7: Before and after Clisthenes, pages 102-121. (Micah)


February 21 Athenian Religion: A History. REPORTS.

1) Chapter 8: The Fifth Century: Democracy and Empire, pages 122-151. (Jackie)

2) Chapter 9: The Fifth Century: New Gods, pages 152-198. (Michael and April)


February 26 Athenian Religion: A History. REPORTS.

1) Chapter 10: The Trial of Socrates: And a Religious Crisis? pages 199-217. (Leigh)

2) Chapter 11: The Fourth Century, pages 218-255. (Angela and Josh)

3) Chapter 12: Beyond the Death of Alexander, pages 256-281. (Jenay)


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