Essentials in Writing Themes


The title should accurately suggest the contents of the paper.
It should attract interest without being excessively novel or cute.
It should not be too long.
Note: Do not underline the title of your own paper (to represent italics), and do not put quotation marks around it.


The introduction should be independent of the title. No pronoun or noun in the opening sentence should depend for meaning on the title.
It should interest the reader, catch his attention.
It should properly establish the tone of the paper as serious, fanciful, humorous, ironic, or otherwise.
It should state the subject and purpose.
It should be closely related to the main topic of the theme.
It should not be too long.


The materials should be arranged in logical sequence.
Technical terms should be explained.
Paragraphs should not be choppy.
Enough space should be devoted to main ideas. Minor ideas should be subordinated.
Concrete details should be used when appropriate. Insignificant details should be omitted.


The connections between sentences and those between paragraphs should be shown by good linking words.


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