Job-Application Letters


Your address goes at the top of the page. Some people include name and email, but these are optional.

3109 Vista Street
Philadelphia, PA 19136

Next comes the current date.

January 19, 200X

The name of the reader, his/her title, and address are next.

Ms. Stephanie Spencer, Director of Personnel
Department 411
Boeing Naval Systems
103 Industrial Drive
Wilmington, DE 20093

For the opening, use a colon.

Dear Ms. Spencer:

Paragraph One tells where you found the job opportunity and what the job title is.

I am writing in response to your advertisement in the January 16 Philadelphia Inquirer. I believe that my academic training at Drexel University in Electrical Engineering, along with my experience with RCA Advanced Technology Laboratory, would qualify me for the position of programmer.

Paragraph Two details your education credentials. Make special note of those skills the employer has mentioned in the job ad.

My education at Drexel University has given me a strong background in computer hardware and system design. I have concentrated on digital and computer applications, developing and designing computer and signal-processing hardware in two graduate-level engineering courses. For my senior-design project, I am working with four other undergraduates in using OO programming techniques to enhance the path-planning software for an infrared night-vision robotics application.

Paragraph Three contains your work experience. Again, note skills the employer wants in an employee.

While working at RCA, I applied my computer experience to the field of the VLSI design. In one project I used my background in LISP to develop and test new LISP software used in the automated production of VLSI standard cell family databooks. In another project, I used CAD software on a VAX to evaluate IC designs.

The last paragraph gives your phone number, email, and time you can be reached. Also, make mention of your resume.

The enclosed resume provides an overview of my education and experience. I would like to meet with you at your convenience to discuss my qualifications for this position. Please write to me at the above address or leave a message anytime at
(215) 555-5876.

For the close, skip four spaces to your name. In the space between, sign your name.


Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez

Enclosure indicates your resume is included.

Enclosure (1)

The above letter (slightly edited) comes from Technical Communication (6th Edition) by Mike Markel from Bedford/St.Martin page 475. The comments to the left are by Andy Albertson of the Quality Writing Center <>