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Stone Songs on the Trail of Tears
The Journey of an Installation
Pat Musick, with Jerry Carr and Bill Woodiel

Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand
The Renowned Missouri Bushwhacker
Edited by Kirby Ross

Lofty Dogmas
Poets on Poetics
Edited by Deborah Brown, Annie Finch, and Maxine Kumin

Here and Hereafter
Poems by Elton Glaser

Becoming Bone
Poems on the Life of Celia Thaxter (1836–1894)
Annie Boutelle

Consult them in the Matter
A Nineteenth-Century Islamic Argument for
Constitutional Government

Ahmad ibn Abi Diyaf

Princesses’ Street
Baghdad Memories
Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Divided Power
The Presidency, Congress, and the Formation
of American Foreign Policy

Edited by Donald R. Kelley

Breach of Faith
A Crisis of Coverage in the Age
of Corporate Newspapering

Gene Roberts, Editor in Chief
and Thomas Kunkel, General Editor

A Stranger and a Sojourner
Peter Caulder, Free Black Frontiersman
in Antebellum Arkansas

Billy D. Higgins

Sometimes There Were Heroes
A novel by Douglas C. Jones

Fort Reno and the Indian Territory Frontier
Stan Hoig

Educating the Masses
The Unfolding History of Black School Administrators in Arkansas, 1900–2000
Editor: C. Calvin Smith
Contributing Editor: Linda Walls Joshua









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