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Portraits of Conflict
A Photographic History of Tennessee in the Civil War
Richard B. McCaslin

Confederate Guerrilla
The Civil War Memoir of Joseph M. Bailey
Edited by T. Lindsay Baker

The Death of a Confederate Colonel

Civil War Stories and a Novella
Pat Carr

World Over Water
Poems by Robert Gibb

My Father Says Grace
Poems by Donald Platt

New Deal / New South
An Anthony J. Badger Reader
Anthony J. Badger
Foreword by James C. Cobb

The Rumble of a Distant Drum
The Quapaws and Old World Newcomers, 1673–1804
Morris S. Arnold

Widows by the Thousand
The Civil War Correspondence of Theophilus
and Harriet Perry, 1862–1864

Edited by M. Jane Johansson

Loyalty on the Frontier
Sketches of Union Men of the South-West with
Incidents and Adventures in Rebellion on the Border

A. W. Bishop
Edited by Kim Allen Scott

Shelby’s Expedition to Mexico
An Unwritten Leaf of the War
John N. Edwards
Edited by Conger Beasley Jr.

Horns Up!!
College Bands of the Arkansas Heartland
T. T. Tyler Thompson

Lost Kingdoms
A Novel
Phillip H. McMath

Long Journeys
An Arkansas Family in Africa . . . a scrapbook
of memories and history

Sarah McKee Burnside

Tales of Trilussa
Carlo Albert Salustri
Translated by John DuVal

The Discovery of America
Cesare Pascarella
Translated by John DuVal

Long Blues in A Minor
A Novel
Gerard Herzhaft
Translated by John DuVal



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