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Live Nude Girl
My Life as an Object
Kathleen Rooney

Don't Leave Hungry
Fifty Years of Southern Poetry Review
Edited by James Smith

A Sunday in God-Years
Poems by Michelle Boisseau

Showdown in Desire
The Black Panthers Take a Stand in New Orleans
Orissa Arend

Jim Crow America
A Documentary History
Edited by Catherine M. Lewis
and J. Richard Lewis

Finding the Lost Year
What Happened When Little Rock Closed Its Public Schools?
Sondra Gordy

Looking Back at the Arkansas Gazette
An Oral History
Edited by Roy Reed

The Headpots of Northeast Arkansas and
Southern Pemiscot County, Missouri

James F. Cherry

Digging for History at Old Washington
Mary L. Kwas

Readings in Arkansas Politics and Government
Edited by Janine A. Parry and Richard P. Wang

The Historical Report of the Arkansas
Secretary of State 2008

The Last War Trail
The Deerfoot Series
Edward S. Ellis

For, From, About James T. Whitehead
Poems, Stories, Photographs, and Recollections
Edited by Michael Burns

The Panther
Posthumous Poems
James Whitehead
Edited by Michael Burns

Jim W. Corder on Living
and Dying in West Texas

A Postmodern Scrapbook
Edited by James S. Baumlin and Eric Knickerbocker

The Heroes Have Gone
Personal Essays on Sport, Popular Culture,
and the American West

Jim W. Corder
Edited with an Afterword by
Keith D. Miller and James S. Baumlin

The Gillioz “Theatre Beautiful”
Celebrating Springfield’s Theatre History, 1926–2006
Edited by James S. Baumlin

Proudly We Speak Your Name
Forty-four Years at Catholic High School, Little Rock

Michael Moran

Surprised by Death
A Novel of Arkansas in the 1840s
George Lankford

The Barling Darling
Hal Smith in American Baseball
Billy D. Higgins


A Pryor Commitment
The Autobiography of David Pryor
David Pryor
With Don Harrell

The Buffalo Flows
The Story of Our First National River
Written and produced by Larry Foley
Photography by Trey Marley
Edited by Dale Carpenter



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