Survey for members of
The Conference of Historical Journals

                First tell us who you are.
Tell us about your experiences with plagiarism.
1. Since you have been an editor of your journal, has your journal been faced with an allegation of plagiarism? How many times has this happened?
2. Who brought the plagiarism allegation(s) to your attention? An aggrieved author? A reader? A manuscript evaluator? A book reviewer? Someone else?
3. Briefly describe how your journal handled the situation and, to the extent you are free to do so, how it was resolved.
4. Does your journal have a written plagiarism policy?
5. If yes, what are its main features? (Would you please send us a copy?)
6. If no, do you believe that your journal should adopt a plagiarism policy? Why or why not?
7. If you work with a publisher, does your publisher have a formal plagiarism policy? If not, what approach does your publisher take to the issue of plagiarism?
8. Now that the Professional Division of the American Historical Association has ceased reviewing plagiarism cases, should the Conference of Historical Journals involve itself with the issue? If so, what sort of action should CHJ take?
9. What do you see as the main concerns that the issue of plagiarism raises for your journal?