All University Conduct Board

The All-University Conduct Board (AUCB) is responsible for cases when a student requests a regular hearing before the AUCB or when the VPSA/DOS or designee refers a case to AUCB for a hearing. The AUCB is a panel consisting of five members which will be selected from a pool of members to hear each case. The chair, who is a faculty member, casts the tiebreaking vote when necessary and, when applicable, assigns the disciplinary sanction(s) in accordance with the Code of Student Life. The AUCB has original jurisdiction when a student or student organization requests a board hearing, or when the VPSA/DOS or designee determines that a board hearing is necessary. Quorum on any give AUCB panel  consists of one Chair – Faculty (3-year appointment by Chair of Campus Faculty), Two University Faculty / Staff Members – staff appointed annually by OAISC/faculty appointed by Chair of Campus Faculty, Two University Student Members – appointed annually from among students in good standing by OAISC involving Associated Student Government (ASG) in selection process, and Alternates – In instances where a University Staff/Faculty member or University Student member of the AUCB does not participate, an assigned alternate will serve as one of the five members of the AUCB. The maximum pool from which each panel is selected consists of 12 appointed faculty, 10 appointed staff, 15 Undergraduate Students and 15 Graduate Students. 

  Name     Term
  Ashley Dowling Faculty 2015-18
  Suresh Thallapuranam* Faculty 2015-18
  Erin Kern Faculty 2016-19
  Denise Mounts Faculty 2015-18
  Betsy Orr Faculty 2015-18
  Tony Stankus* Faculty 2015-18
  Nan Smith-Blair* Faculty 2015-18
  Eric Specking Faculty 2015-18
  Peggy Lee Faculty


  Donna Daniels Faculty 2015-18
  Kim Stauss* Faculty 2015-18
  Laura Terry* Faculty 2015-18
  Jacquelyn Mosley Faculty 2015-18
  Angela Kackstadt Faculty 2015-18
  Kristin Higgins Faculty 2015-18
  William Greenhaw Faculty 2015-18
  Charles Stegman Faculty 2015-18
  Nicole Ferguson Staff 2015-18
  Quincy Spencer Staff 2015-18
  Vicky Watkins Staff 2015-18
  Jackie Gorham Staff 2016-19
  Mary Skinner Staff 2015-18
  Everrett Smith Staff 2015-18
  Jon Langley Staff 2014-17
  AJ Olsen Staff 2014-17
  Susan Rausch Staff 2014-17
  Angela Williams Staff 2014-17
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