Artists & Concerts Committee

Responsible for policies concerning proposals, selection, administration and arrangement of programs sponsored by the Committee.

Voting membership consists of four faculty members, four students, and two staff members. There is an ex officio non-voting representative from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

(Approved by the Campus Council, April 28, 1998)

  Name Dept. College Status Email Address Phone Term
  Lorraine Lorne LIBR LLIB At-Large WATR220 55834 2010-13
  Carl Smith ARCH JARCH At-Large MEMH230 55922 2010-13
  Angela Elsass CIED COEHP At-Large     2011-14
  Justin Chimka INEG ENGR At-Large     2011-14

Megan Jernigan

Student   Student     2011-12

Lena Cline

Student   Student     2011-12

Joanna Reed

Student   Student     2011-12

Andrew Russell

Student   Student     2011-12
  Linda Dizney Staff VCAC Staff ADMN422 55459 2008-11
  Diane Stout Staff   Staff        
  TBD office of VC-Acad. Affairs   Ex officio, non-voting        
  Updated 11/21/11