Campus Climate Committee

The goal of the Campus Climate Committee is to enhance the role of learning, the physical environment, the personal interactions of the University within the campus, and the community. The committee will identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement, andmake recommendations to the Campus Council.

The voting members are six faculty, three students, and three staff members. The ex officio non-voting members are the Chair of the Faculty Senate, the President of the Associated Student Government, the Chair of the Staff Senate, the Director of the Office of Human Relations, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Human Resources, a UA Public Safety representative, a representative from the Physical Plant Department, and a representative from the Office of Enrollment Services.

(Approved by the Campus Council, April 28, 1998)

  Faculty:       Term
  Justin Buehler Law At large 2011-14
  Paul Calleja*     At large 2009-12
  Lepaine Sharp-McHenry     At large 2009-12
  Sabrina Billings WLLC   At large 2009-12
  Leah Henry     At large 2009-12
  Julian Fairey CVEG At large 2011-14

Mariel Williams   2011-12

Rachel Garcia   2011-12

Yoom Dung Dang   2011-12
  David Gay Chair of Faculty Senate      
    President, ASG      
    Chair of Staff Senate      
  TBD VC for Human Resources      
  Lawrence Slamons Public Safety Rep      
  Mike Johnson Facilities Management      
  Suzanne McCray Enrollment Services      
  **vice chair

Updated 11/21/11