Catastrophic Leave Committee

Reviews requests for catastrophic leave and recommends to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Human Resources.

Committee recommendations require the presence of at least seven voting members. No committee member shall cast a vote where there is an obvious conflict of interest or if the request comes from that members's same department, college, or division.

Voting membership includes three classified employees, three non-classified employees, and three faculty members. For all positions, system employees (for example, those in the system administration, the Arkansas Archeological Survey, and the Division of Agriculture who are not based on this campus) are eligible for participation along with Fayetteville campus employees. The ex officio non-voting members are the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Human Resources, the Chair of the Staff Senate, the Chair of the Campus Faculty, and a Health Center representative.

(Approved by the Campus Council, April 28, 1998)

  Name           Term
  Vibha Srivastava Faculty At-Large 2015-18
  Inza Fort Faculty At-Large 2013-16
  Phil Jones Faculty At-Large
  Chris Nixon Non-Classified Staff At-Large       2009-12
  Bernadine Vanderlip Classified Staff At-Large ADSB183A 56626 2009-12
  Wenoah Goodson Classified Staff At-Large ADMN321 52325 2008-11
  Stacey Doran Non-Classified Staff At-Large       2010-13
  Kathie Melson Classified Staff At-Large       2000-13
  Nancy Hart* Non-Classified Staff At-Large WCOB117B 54563 2008-11
  Debbie McLoud Interim Assoc. VC for ADM/HR ex officio, non-voting        
  Angela Hand Chair, Staff Senate ex officio, non-voting        
  John Rupe Chair, Campus Faculty ex officio, non-voting  
  AJ Olson Health Center Repr ex officio, non-voting        
  Leah Williams Compensation Programs Administrator   ADMN222 57618  
  Also advising the committee is Jamie Bentley, coordinator of catastrophic leave program
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