Fringe Benefits Committee

Recommends, reviews, and monitors policies and procedures related to life and health insurance, retirement benefits, and other fringe benefits.

The committee selects, after consultation with the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, a campus representative for a one year term, a staff representative for a four year term, and a faculty representative for a four year staggered term to serve on the System Fringe Benefits Committee; and communicates the needs and interests of this campus to the System Fringe.

Membership includes voting membership of four faculty members, four staff members, one representative of the University of Arkansas Retirement Association, the representative from the Division of Agriculture, and an ex officio non-voting member, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Human Resources.

(Approved by the Campus Council, April 28, 1998)

  Patricia Kirkwood**(Vice Chair) LIBR 2011-2015
  Carleton Holt CIED 2012-2016
  Rick Rorie Animal Sciences 2012-2015
  Carol Reeves 2012-2016
  Nancy Hart (Chair) WCOB 2011-2015
  Roy E. Hatcher UITS 2011-2015
  Trish Watkins*** AEAB 2011-2016
  Reynelda Augustine-Robinson HNRC 2012-2016
  Michael G. Johnson UA Retirement Assoc  
  Jamie Bentley Division of Agriculture, ex officio  
  Barbara A. Abercrombie Associate VC for HMRS, ex-officio  
  Richard Ray Director of Benefits, ex officio  

*staff repr to System FBC

**faculty rep to System FBC

*** staff rep to System FBC

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