Student Honors, Awards, and Convocations

Responsible for the selection and supervision of honor societies; reviews the recommendations of the colleges and schools for University scholars; works with academic units and societies in providing appropriated recognition of student achievement and approves student convocations.

Voting membership includes one faculty representative from eah of the undergraduated colleges and schools, and one student.

(Approved by the Campus Council, April 28, 1998).

  Name Dept. College Email Address Phone Term
  Nann Miller ARCH ARCH     2015-18
  Juan José Bustamante   ARSC     2013-16
  Claretha Hughes   COEHP     2015-18
  Julie Carrier   ENGR     2015-18
  Dub Ashton MKTT WCOB WCOB302 52564 2010-13
  Sun-OK-Lee FDSC AFLS FDSCFARM 56921 2015-18


Student         2015-16
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