Student Relations Committee

Recommends policy concerning general student-life matters. Recommends policies and guidelines to the Campus Council.

Voting membership consists of a chairperson elected from the faculty members, one faculty representative from each of the undergraduate colleges and schools and six students. Ex officio non-voting members include the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and two members of the Student Affairs staff.

(Approved by the Campus Council, April 28, 1998).

  Name Dept. College Email Address Phone Term
  Jeremy Powell   AFLS     2012-15
  Kim Sexton ARCH ARCH     2011-14
  Peggy Hale   EDHP     2012-15
  Heath Schluterman ENGR ENGR     2011-14
  Alissa Walls   ARSC     2013-16
  Dub Ashton MKTT WCOB WCOB302 52564 2010-13
  Chris Marsh     2012-13
  Katherine Adams     2012-13
  Kendall Adams     2012-13
  Jordan Nolte     2012-13
  Caitlin Britt     2012-13
  Martin Skrovina     2012-13
  Danny Pugh Vice Provost, Student Affairs VPSA ADMN325 55004  
  Jim Conneely Student Affairs Staff          
  Monica Jones Student Affairs Staff FBAC 52417  
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