Minutes of the Campus Faculty Meeting
November 14, 2002, 4:00 p.m.
Bell Engineering 282, Combs Auditorium

Curt Rom, Chair
Linda Jones, Secretary
Minutes Status: Approved

I. Call to Order:

Tom Kennedy, Vice Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:01.

II. Approval of the Agenda

Without objection, the agenda was approved.

III. Minutes of the Spring 2002 Meeting

Without objection, the minutes of Spring 2002 Meeting (April 4) were approved.

IV. Reports

A. Campaign for the 21st Century. David Gearhart presented a report on the current status of the Campaign for the 21st Century. This campaign, begun in July 1998, has received pledges totalling approximately 665 million dollars as of October 31, 2002. As of this meeting, we have obtained pledges totaling 74% of our total goal of 900 million dollars, a goal which was set in April 2002. The 300 million dollar gift pledged to the U of A by the Walton Foundation has not yet been transferred to the U of A. It should be transferred by the end of the year. As of this meeting, 18% of the total 300 million dollar matching funds has been raised. We still need to raise 245 million dollars by 2005.

Several questions were raised:

If we do not match the 300 million dollars, what will happen?

If we do not match the 300 million dollars, we will have to give it back. Dr. Gearhart, however, believes very positively that the money will be raised.

Will the state give us less money as a result of our receiving the 300 million dollar gift?

It is believed that we will not lose money from the state as a result of the gift. There is evidence from other institutions that the state often steps up and offers more when such gifts are given. Dr. Gearhart is confident, through discussions with the leadership that we will not recieve any funding cuts.

Is the Walton gift exclusively for this campus?


B. The Impact of the Campaign and the Walton Gift on Academic Programs at the U of A. In Provost Smith's report, he discussed the review process for proposals submitted this Fall to fund Doctoral Fellowships and Endowed Chairs. A committee compiled of Chancellor White, Dean Geren, Provost Smith and Professor's Brewer, Callahan and Koeppe has completed their review of the 91 proposals for Doctoral Fellowships. An announcement of awards will be made in the very near future. The Endowed Faculty Position proposals will be reviewed in the very near future by 5 or 6 prominent and eminent scholars from around the country. A report of their review will be made at the first of the new year. Most awards will require matching and interdisciplinary interactions will be strongly considered.

Provost Smith also spoke to the importance of the U of A for the state. There is quite a low percentage of BA's throughout Arkansas. As we increase our graduates, this will help increase these numbers and will benefit knowledge-based institutions and the economics of our state. He remarked that it is important that we think of our strengths and be open to our creativity and its movement into new resources to help further the University's mission and graduate numbers.

The Graduate College has completed a review of the Doctoral Programs on campus. This review was developed thoroughly and quickly and the leadership is very impressed!

Provost Smith and Dr. Suzanne McCray have visited several Honors Colleges across the country. They will submit a report on what they have learned in their travels and will seek feedback from the faculty by the end of the academic year. They will form a Dean's search committee this winter.

Several questions were raised:

Must we match all proposals for professorships?

Many can be matched with donor's gifts and/or some may be required to show the potential for support from another source. However, it is not a requirement that they be matched. However, if you do not find a match for your position and the individual awarded the position leaves, then your program will lose the position. If you DO match the position and the individual awarded the position leaves, you will still keep the position for your department.

Where are we going to put all of these new people?

Some people on campus may be hired to fill these positions. But, for those brought in, we will need to make more space. We will do the best we can but "what a lovely activity".

What is the Honors College doing between now and the time when folks are in place?

Information concerning the Honors College's activities will come out toward the end of the fall semester. Already, the College has set up offices and lounges for Honors students, it now offers scholarships to Honors students and some awards have already been made, Provost Smith and Dr. McCray are surveying other Honors Colleges, faculty incentives are in the works for those who teach Honors courses, and the development of different Councils in the Honors College is underway.

He also added that study abroad will be an important part of Honors study and that this year, the number of Honors students has increased to 1663. The goal for 2010 is 2000 Honors students.

V. Old Business


VI. New Business


VII. Announcements

The Faculty Holiday Reception will take place on Thursday, December 12 at the Clarion. Invitations to the faculty will be mailed in the near future.

VIII. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m.