Minutes of the Campus Faculty Meeting
March 16, 2015
3:30 p.m. - Reynolds Auditorium

Neil Allison, Chair
Linda Jones, Secretary
Minutes Status: Approved

Call to Order – Neil Allison, Campus Faculty Chair

Neil Allison called the meeting to order at 3:30

Approval of the Agenda

Without objection, the agenda was approved.

Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes from Fall 2014 were approved

Old business


New business



President Don Bobbitt:

1. Thankful to Gearhart and what he has done for the University of Arkansas. He will be difficult to replace; hard to duplicate his passion for the U of A.

2. Thrilled for Sharon Gaber, highly skilled. Sad to see her leave the institution.

3. The Search for Chancellor:

4. Questions for President Bobbitt:

a. What is the breakdown of the search committee? The committee will include Faculty, Deans, Staff, individual(s) from Student Affairs, a representative of the President's office, the Board of Trustees; a code of confidentiality will be in place as a part of this committee.

b. What are your plans for an Interim Chancellor? This plan will be announced very soon.

c. What are your plans for a new Provost? Chancellor Gearhart remains in his position until July 31. If Provost Gaber leaves before then, Chancellor Gearhart and President Bobbitt will discuss interim plans. It is important to move the boat in the same, good direction the university is going in; keep things moving straight ahead. Our situation is wonderful; we are in great shape. We have a good idea of our finances and the Governor has promised not to decrease funding for Higher Education.

d. What is the relationship between the E-Versity and our Global Campus? The Flagship institution should focus on students for this campus. Central is focusing on a different set of students. We have to figure out how to keep our 18 year old digital natives happy; this is different from home bound mothers who can benefit from E-Versity.

e. How does one apply for the position of Chancellor? One can apply directly to the search firm or directly to the committee.

f. What are the top five characteristics you would wish to see in the selected candidate? Communication skills; ability to relate to a very diverse constituency; politically savvy; transparent; a person of integrity; strong leadership style.

g. What would entice someone to come here? Our campus is one that works well with each other.

h. What do you want from us at the UA? Exactly what you are doing. Fayetteville's campus is doing very well and with its endowment and budget may be isolated from challenges that may affect the other campuses. Our reach is statewide; anything the Flagship can do to help the system is welcome.

i. We have several national searches in place. How do we proceed? People who want any of these positions ought to want to know who they will be working for. Thus, some searches are postponed at this time. Need to move forward with the Chancellor's search first. Once the new Chancellor is in place, we will then move to the Provost position, then to other positions as needed.

j. Can we use the same search firm to find a Provost? Once a contract is approved, we can piggy back on this search if the campus is okay with it.

k. Can interims be considered as candidates? No.

l. Will the hiring of the candidate be tied to the academic year? Such positions are less tied to an academic calendar.

m. Is an academic required? The President will leave this to the search committee. Obviously, the person must have interests in the scholarly pursuits of those he/she serves.


The meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.