Gerald M. Phillips Homepage Salon

This site is presently under construction by the friends of Gerald Phillips on QC-L, a listserv discussion group that he founded and which became a virtual community.

  • "The Web is the information landfill on the information superhighway."
    Gerald M. Phillips,
    22 March 1995

  • Gerald Phillips was a pioneer in electronic journal publishing and editing. A collection of his e-articles are included here.

  • Not just a computer geek, Professor Phillips began his academic writing in 1956 with a study of Rhetoric in the Talmudic Academy

  • Ipse Dixit: Ask the Sage

  • The American Communication Association has established the Gerald M. Phillips Mentoring Award and is accepting contributions to endow the award. Special thanks to the many members of QC-L who have also agreed to support the endowment.

  • The Speech Communication Association established the Gerald M. Phillips Award for Distinguished Applied Communication Scholarship in 1992.

  • Be sure to visit the Jerry Phillips Memorial Web at Penn State