Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting
November 17, 2004, 3:30 p.m.
ENGR 209

Tom Jensen, Chair
Linda Jones, Secretary
Minutes Status: Approved


Officers: Jensen, Riggs, Jones, Rogers, Thomas

Senators (elected): Allison, Cantrell, Deaton, Dennis, Denny, Di Brezzo, Elliott, Gay, Gordon, Hanlin, James, King, Kopp, Kral, Martin, Murphy, Rom, Ryan, Sears, Waller

Senators (admin): Geren, Smith


Officers: Brady

Senators (elected): Comfort, Cornell, Curington, Evans, Farley, Freund, Hall, Haydar, Hughes, Killenbeck, Lawson, Matlock, McGee, Miller, Popp, Riha, Rosenkrans, Rupe, Salisbury, Wailes, Watkins, Webb, Wilson, Zajicek

Senators (admin): Allen, Atkinson, Bobbitt, Dutton, Greenwood, Saxena, Shannon, Weidmann, White, Williams

I. Call to Order: Tom Jensen, Faculty Senate Chair

Tom Jensen called the meeting to order at 3:30.

II. Approval of Agenda

Changes were requested in terms of the date and location of today's meeting. With these changes, the agenda was accepted by unanimous consent.

III. Approval of Minutes: October 20, 2004


The minutes of October 20, 2004 were approved.

IV. Reports

A. Provost's Report

The Provost reported on the following:

1) Honors Dean Search - The search for the Dean of the Honors College continues. A new search committee has been appointed and Dean Bobbitt will serve as Chair. Members of the Search Committee are: Dennis Brewer, Sue Borrego, Bill Curington, Curt Rom, Fiona Davidson, Kevin Hall, Jean Jones, Andrew Kincannon, Charles Riggs, Daniel Levine, Suzanne McCray, Gail Moore, Charles Robinson, Catherine St. Clair, Juana Young.

2) Walton Arts Center - The U of A has an alliance with the Walton Arts Center and the City of Fayetteville. This alliance was formed in 1986 and it is especially beneficial for our Drama and Music programs.

3) Gifted and Talented Program - This program, modeled after the Duke program, began in 2003-2004. 1353 young students at the elementary and secondary levels are enrolled in this program and have recently participated in summer institutes that focus on art, drama, law, food sciences and physics as well as other areas.

4) All Things Academic - This publication is in its fifth year and the first five years will be published in a book that will be dedicated to students, faculty and staff.

Questions were raised during the Provost's presentation concerning the Walton Arts Center (WAC). In particular, it was asked that the Provost look into working with WAC to reinstate student prices since none are currently available for any WAC events.

B. Faculty Senate Chair’s Report

The Faculty Senate Chair reported on the following:

1) Tom thanked the Provost for his continued participation in FS meetings and his monthly reports to the Senate.

2) ASG has a student liaison to the Faculty Senate who regularly attends each meeting.

3) The leaders of faculty governance meet with the upper administration each month to discuss issues of importance to the faculty.

4) Hunter Riley, ASG Officer, is working on recycling issues for U of A students.

5) The Campus Faculty did meet and did approve the inclusion of the Athletic Directors as members (ex officio) of the Faculty Senate.

6) Curt Rom has been elected Chair of the Campus Council and Janet Bowlin will serve as Vice Chair.

V. Old Business


VI. New Business

A. Consent Agenda - Matters from the University Course and Programs Committee and the Graduate Council.

1. Course Change Proposals

a. Law Course change proposals (Table A): Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee by email.

Table A: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/TableA111704.pdf

b. Graduate Courses (Table B): Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 9/24/04 and the Graduate Council on 10/21/04.

Table B: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/TableB111704.pdf

c. Dual Credit Courses (Table C): Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 9/24/04 and the Graduate Council on 10/21/04.

Table C: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/TableC111704.pdf

2. Program change proposal for the Managerial MB A (Attachments 1 and 2). Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 10/21/04.

Attachment 1: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/Attach1111704.pdf

Attachment 2: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/Attach2111704.pdf

All items approved by unanimous consent.

VII. Announcements

Faculty Holiday Reception, Thursday, December 9, 6-8, Radisson Hotel

VIII. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.