Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting
March 9, 2005, 3:30 p.m.
ENGR 209

Tom Jensen, Chair
Linda Jones, Secretary
Minutes Status: Approved


Officers: Jensen, Jones, Riggs, Rogers, Thomas

Senators (elected): Allison, Cantrell, Comfort, Curington, Dennis, Denny, Evans, Farley, Freund, Gay, Gordon, Haydar, King, Kral, Martin, Miller, Murphy, Riha, Rupe, Ryan, Sears, Wailes

Senators (admin): Geren, Smith, Williams


Officers: Brady

Senators (elected): Cornell, Deaton, Di Brezzo, Elliott, Hall, Hanlin, Hughes, James, Killenbeck, Kopp, Lawson, Matlock, McGee, Popp, Rom, Rosenkrans, Salisbury, Waller, Watkins, Webb, Wilson, Zajicek

Senators (admin): Allen, Atkinson, Bobbitt, Broyles, Dutton, Greenwood, Lewis, Saxena, Shannon, Weidemann, White

I. Call to Order: Tom Jensen, Chair

Meeting called to order at 3:33.

II. Approval of agenda

It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion passed.

III. Approval of minutes:


The minutes of February 16, 2005 were approved.

IV. Reports

A. Provost - The Provost reported on the following:

•SECAC – Southeastern Conference Academic Consortium – Five Initiatives – Library Initiative is lead by Kentucky; Study abroad Initiative is lead by DeDeLong and Arkansas; Academic Leadership Initiative lead by South Carolina; Diversity Initiative lead by Georgia; Organization Structure and Operations Initiative lead by Provost Smith and Arkansas.
•SECAC Study-Abroad Initiative – Lead by DeDe Long at the U of A. A group of members from the SEC schools will meet on April 6 & 7 to talk about Study Abroad.
•2010 commission and “Gaining Ground”, the third report released March 2, 2005. We ARE gaining ground.
•Budget Hearings and Reallocations will begin next week. Faculty representation will be included in these meetings.
•Rector Fabiani’s Visit and UA Rome Center. We have a partnership with Universita Roma Tre and their Rector will be here from April 11-13 to further talk about partnerships and collaborations.

B. Faculty Senate Chair - The Chair reported on the following:

•The Chancellor has prepared a memorandum in relation to the Financial Advisory Report. The Chancellor supports the recommendations that came from the Financial Advisory Committee. The letter is on the home page of the Faculty Senate and is also attached in these minutes.

Memo from Chancellor White - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/whitememo22205.pdf

•There is a possibility that the building and grounds committee and the landscape committee will be combined into one committee. The Chair would like feedback from faculty about this change in the makeup of these two committees.

•Prior to the reports given by Dr. Goodstein and Dr. Evans, The Chair requested that we handle these reports as motions during the reporting period of the agenda. No objections were raised.

C. Teaching Council – Dr. Ethel Goodstein

Report - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/tc30905.pdf

The Teaching Council put forth a recommendation to drop the last sentence of the second paragraph of the attendance policy (see report above). Motion to make this change to the attendance policy failed. The attendance policy stands.

D. Academic Standards Committee - Dr. Mike Evans

Report - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/asc30905.pdf

The Academic Standards Committee put forth a recommendation to change the language as it relates to the Incomplete policy mentioned in their report (see report above). Motion passed.

The Academic Standards Committee also put forth a recommendation to change the Academic Honesty Policy, item #10, to include "electronic or any other medium" as a possible resource for plagiarism. An amendment was proposed to delete the word “published” from the proposed paragraph change. The Amendment passed. The amended motion passed.

VI. New Business

A. Consent Agenda

1. Matters from the University Course and Programs Committee and the Graduate Council.

a. Course Change Proposals

1. Undergraduate Courses (Table A) – Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 2/25/05 or by e-mail.

Table A: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/tablea30905.pdf

2. Graduate Courses (Table B) – Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 1/28/05 and the Graduate Council on 2/17/05 or by e-mail.

Table B: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/tableb30905.pdf

3. Dual Courses (Table C) – Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 1/28/05 and the Graduate Council on 2/17/05 or by e-mail.

Table C: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/tablec30905.pdf

4. Law Courses (Table D) – Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 2/25/05 or by e-mail.

Table D: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/tabled30905.pdf

b. Program change proposals in the Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences, undergraduate programs: Table 1 (Attachment 1A). Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 2/25/05.

Tables 1 and 2: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/tables1and230905.pdf

Attachment 1A: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/att1a30905.pdf

c. Program change proposals in the Walton College of Business, undergraduate programs: Table 1 (Attachments 1B, 1C). Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 2/25/05.

Attachment 1B: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/att1b30905.pdf

Attachment 1C: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/att1c30905.pdf

d. Program change proposals for graduate programs: Table 2 (Attachments 2A-2F). Approved by the Graduate Council on 2/17/05.

Attachment 2A: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/att2a30905.pdf
Attachment 2B: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/att2b30905.pdf

Attachment 2C: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/att2c30905.pdf
Attachment 2D: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/att2d30905.pdf
Attachment 2E: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/att2e30905.pdf
Attachment 2F: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/att2f30905.pdf

Without objection the consent agenda was approved

B. Honorary Degree Committee – Dr. Robert Crisp

Candidates for posthumous degrees (The Senate will go into executive session for this item)

The Senate moved into executive session to vote on the posthumous degrees. A motion made to approve the list of names and to approve that any student who dies between now and graduation but is in good standing also be included in this list. Motion passed.

VII. Announcements

The Spring Campus Faculty Meeting will take place on April 19th at 3:30 in the Reynolds Center – Current agenda items include the Chancellor’s Report and a report from the Task Force on Grades.

VIII. Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 4:38.