Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting
April 20, 2005, 3:30 p.m.
ENGR 209

Tom Jensen, Chair
Linda Jones, Secretary
Minutes Status: Approved


Officers: Jensen, Jones, Riggs, Thomas

Senators (elected): Allison, Cantrell, Curington, Deaton, Denny, Elliott, Farley, Freund, Gay, Gordon, Hall, Hanlin, Haydar, Killenbeck, King, Kopp, Kral, Lawson, Martin, Murphy, Rom, Rosenkrans, Ryan, Salisbury, Waller, Watkins

Senators (admin): Geren, Smith, Weidemann


Officers: Brady, Rogers

Senators (elected): Comfort, Cornell, Dennis, Di Brezzo, Evans, Hughes, James, Matlock, McGee, Miller, Popp, Riha, Rupe, Sears, Wailes, Webb, Wilson, Zajicek

Senators (admin): Allen, Atkinson, Bobbitt, Broyles, Dutton, Greenwood, Lewis, Saxena, Shannon, White, Williams

I. Call to Order: Tom Jensen, Chair

Meeting called to order at 3:33.

II. Approval of agenda

Item 4C was removed from the agenda. The amended agenda was approved.

III. Approval of minutes:


The minutes of March 9, 2005 were approved.

IV. Reports

A. Provost - The Provost reported on the following:

1) Adoption of DHE funding formula-developed based on UNC model.

2) The importance of high quality doctoral education. This is the most expensive education we engage in but we want to be the overall leader in this state. 80% of all doctorals awarded in Arkansas come from our campus and we wish for this to continue. We also want this education to be of the highest quality. The Provost encouraged programs to get their bids in for DAFs and DDFs. These doctoral fellowships can help attract the brightest. Diversity is also important in this process.

3) Program assessment. All programs must be assessed every ten years. The University is actively recruiting an assessment coordinator

4) SECACEA - SEC Academic Consortium Education Abroad Initiative. On April 6th and 7th, a meeting took place on campus to discuss study abroad...how to cooperate and collaborate with other universities using international centers. This group will prepare a report for the Provost of the SEC. Provost Smith looks forward to our continued leadership in this area.

5) Universita Roma Tre Partnership - The institution is growing rapidly. A delegation from this school was here April 10-13. Rettore Guido Fabiani led this delegation. Provost Smith would like to explore the possibility of joint degrees between their institution and ours.

B. Faculty Senate Chair - The Chair reported on the following:

The Chancellor approved the recommendations of the Financial Advisory Committee to allow Professors Babcock, Thomas and Jensen in on the budget process. They made recommendations to this process: 1) increase faculty salaries and the number of those who receive these; 2) reduce the cost of being a faculty member at the U of A; 3) Support the growth of Mullins Library. They also put out two items of interest: reallocation of funds between (and within) academic and nonacademic areas; 2) allocation of any increase in tuition and fees to university budgetary units. The three have been invited to come back next week to an additional meeting on this topic.

C. Academic Standards Committee (Grade Forgiveness Policy) – Dr. John Delery

This item was removed from the agenda.

D. Calendar Committee – Dr. Joel Freund

Professor Freund reported on the calendar committee’s recent discussions. This information can be found in the handouts provided under items A and B of New Business below.

V. Old Business


VI. New Business

A. Proposed Calendar Changes (Joel Freund)


1. Change in the scheduling of Spring Break 2006

A motion to change the dates of Spring Break for the 2005-2006 calendar year to March 20-24, 2006 was made. An amendment to this motion to change the dates in this document from 2006-2007 to 2005-2006 was made. The amended motion passed.

A motion to set the dates for spring break in future years to the third full week in March rather than the tenth week of the semester was made. The motion passed.

2. Changing the starting time of MWF classes

A motion to change the start time of MWF classes from the half hour to on the hour was made. MWF classes, thus, would begin at 8 a.m. rather than 7:30 a.m. The motion failed (8 yes, 14 no).

B. Attendance Policy revision (Joel Freund)


A motion was made to table the proposed revision to the attendance policy until the first meeting of the Fall semester. Motion passed.

C. Proposed change to Academic Policy Series 1505.30 Honorary Degrees:

A student pursuing a law degree at the time of death will be awarded the Juris Doctor degree Posthumous honoris causa, when given an honorary posthumous degree.

Motion to include the text as written above in Academic Policy Series 1505.30 Honorary Degrees.
Motion passed.

D. Consent Agenda

1. Course change proposals pending approval by the University Course and Programs Committee and the Graduate Council (where appropriate). Approval by the Faculty Senate will be contingent on approval by those two bodies.

a. Undergraduate Courses (Table A)


b. Graduate Courses (Table B)


c. Dual Enrollment Courses (Table C)


2. Undergraduate program proposal, Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences:

Table 1 (Attachments 1A, 1B), pending approval by the University Course and Programs Committee. Approval by the Faculty Senate will be contingent on approval by the UCPC.

Tables 1 and 2


Attachments 1A, 1B


3. Program change proposals for graduate programs:

Table 2 (Attachments 2A-2H). Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 3/18/05 and/or the Graduate Council on 3/17/05.

Attachments 2A - 2H

2A - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/attach2a42005.pdf
2B - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/attach2b42005.pdf
2C - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/attach2c42005.pdf
2D - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/attach2d42005.pdf
2E - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/attach2e42005.pdf
2F - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/attach2f42005.pdf
2G - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/attach2g42005.pdf
2H - http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/facsen2004to2005/attach2h42005.pdf

4. Proposed policy change:

On 3/17/05, the Graduate Council unanimously approved a proposal to change the minimum admissions requirement for the Graduate School from either a 2.70 (on a four-point scale) for the baccalaureate degree or 3.20 on the last 60 hours of the baccalaureate degree to a flat 3.00 (on a four point scale) on the last 60 hours of the baccalaureate degree, with corresponding changes to be made in the admission of international students and students admitted under conditions. This will be effective for admission to the Graduate School beginning Fall 2006.

Without objection the consent agenda was approved

VII. Announcements

A. Campus Faculty Meeting, April 19, 3:30 pm in the Reynold’s Center.

The meeting took place "yesterday"!

B. Presentations

1. Dr. James Watson, Nobel Laureate, Wednesday, May 4, 8:00 pm, Arkansas Union Ballroom

“My Life with DNA”

2. Robert Redford, Thursday, May 5, 8:00 pm, Barnhill Arena

C. In Memoriam

1. John L. Imhoff Resolution

Resolution Read by Professor John English

Motion to accept resolution passes. The resolution will be sent to the family.


2. Marjorie Rudolph Remembrance

Memorial read by Professor Linda Jones


3. Elaine McNeil

There will be a memorial service, Sunday, April 24,2005 at 2:00 pm at the Unitarian-Universalist Church for Professor McNeil.


D. Campus Council Meeting, April 27th, 3:30 p.m., Reynold's Center.

E. Awards were given to the Executive Committee members of the Faculty Senate by Tom Jensen:
Charles Riggs, Jimmy Rogers, John King, Cheryl Murphy, Linda Jones, Curt Rom, Neil Allison, Tim Kral, David Gay, Bob Brady. Tom Jensen was also recognized as the outgoing Senate Chair.

VIII. Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 5:00.