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Application Deadlines

Applications should reach the Graduate Admissions Office no later than one month prior to the date of registration.

Deadlines for priority consideration are:

  • Fall semester, August 1
  • Spring semester, December 1
  • Summer, April 15

International Application Deadlines

Many departments have earlier deadlines. For international applicants, deadlines are:

  • Fall semester, April 1
  • Spring semester, October 1
  • Summer, March 1
IMPORTANT NOTE: Some departments require that you submit a separate application to them in addition to submitting an application to the Graduate School. This means that in addition to following the Graduate School procedures outlined on this page, you should go to the homepage of the department to which you are applying and read about the application procedures for that department and degree program. Some departments, for example, may require writing samples, statements of purpose, letters of recommendation, or other materials, and their deadlines may be different from that of the Graduate School.