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The Application Process

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some departments require that you submit a separate application to them in addition to submitting an application to the Graduate School. This means that in addition to following the Graduate School procedures outlined on this page, you should go to the homepage of the department to which you are applying and read about the application procedures for that department and degree program. Some departments, for example, may require writing samples, statements of purpose, letters of recommendation, or other materials, and their deadlines may be different from that of the Graduate School.
  • Application: Send a completed Application for Admission (either by Applying Online, or completing an Application for Admission Form) to the Graduate School. Please fill out all areas completely so that we can properly evaluate your application materials. Please use your legal name and specify the exact degree and major you are seeking.
  • Fee: Enclose the application fee of $40 ($50 for international students), which is required for all new applicants to the Graduate School, including those earning their bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. We cannot accept cash or debit/credit cards.

    Qualifying senior citizens may attend classes and earn degrees tuition free! Please visit the Senior Citizens Admissions page.

  • Application Deadlines: All application materials, including all official transcripts and any required test scores, should reach the Graduate School by the deadlines listed below.

    Application deadlines are:
    • Fall semester, August 1;
    • Spring semester, December 1;
    • Summer sessions, April 15.

    Applications received after the deadline will be automatically deferred to the next available Spring or Fall semester.

    PLEASE NOTE: Many departments/programs have earlier application deadlines. (See deadlines for international students, below.) The recommended deadline for fall semester graduate assistantship consideration is February 1st, although departments/programs may have earlier deadlines. Applications received after the priority consideration dates will be assessed a non-refundable $25.00 late fee ($50.00 for international applicants) in addition to the application fee.
  • Academic Records: Have official transcripts sent to Graduate School Admissions from each college or university you have ever attended. We need official transcripts from every institution you have attended, even if coursework from one institution appears on the transcript of another institution. Transcripts issued to students are NOT official unless submitted to the Graduate School in a sealed envelope that has been sent directly to you. If a degree was earned, the official transcripts must confirm the degree and the date it was received.

    If you have not yet received your baccalaureate degree, you must submit official transcripts at the time of application. After completion of your degree, you must submit the final, official transcript showing confirmation of the receipt of the degree.

    If you were previously enrolled or are currently enrolled at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, the Graduate School will obtain transcripts from the Registrar’s Office at no charge to the applicant. Anyone who was previously enrolled in the Graduate School, but who is not currently enrolled, is required to submit an application for admission, a $25 application fee, and official transcripts from institutions attended after your last attendance in the Graduate School at the University of Arkansas.
  • Test scores (i.e., GRE, MAT): Official scores must be sent to the U of A from the testing agency. The UofA institutional code is 6866.
  • Degree-seeking applicants: Submit the following items directly to the director of the academic program in which you are interested (if required by the department):
    1. Letters of recommendation – these are now automated and you will receive an email request to list your recommenders so that an automated request may be sent to them.
    2. Statement of interest;
    3. Application for Assistantship

      NOTE: International students may send letters of recommendation, statement of interest, application for assistantship, etc. directly to the Graduate and International Admissions Office rather than to the department if desired.

International Applicants

In addition to the above:

When your application is submitted

Within two weeks of submitting your application, the Office of Graduate and International Admissions will send you an email outlining how to activate your Student Center to monitor what items, if any, are still needed to complete the application process. This email will also contain your University of Arkansas ID number. Response times will vary depending upon the volume of applications and time of year. If you haven't heard from us in this time frame, you are welcome to contact us at

When your file is complete, you will be notified. If you meet Graduate School admission requirements and are seeking a degree, your file will be forwarded to the academic program for their admission decision. You are strongly encouraged to contact the department regarding any additional application requirements, application deadlines, or information they may have for you.

Why Does the University Collect My Social Security Number?

A social security number (SSN) is required for administering student financial aid and for reporting to the IRS compensation due to UA employment; failure to provide the SSN may delay consideration for financial aid. The IRS also requires the University to provide SSN’s along with other student information to verify tax credit eligibility. In addition, the SSN is used to match applicant records (such as grades and test scores) and to help track student and alumni records, although it is not mandated for such purposes. SSNs are maintained confidentially and used only for official business by the UA and affiliated entities and contractors, including for debt collection. Admitted students are issued a University i.d. number, which serves as the student’s primary identifier and which is different from the SSN.