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Doctoral Degrees Offered

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some departments require that you submit a separate application to them in addition to submitting an application to the Graduate School. This means that in addition to following the Graduate School procedures outlined on this page, you should go to the homepage of the department to which you are applying and read about the application procedures for that department and degree program. Some departments, for example, may require writing samples, statements of purpose, letters of recommendation, or other materials, and their deadlines may be different from that of the Graduate School.
Program Name Department Degree Type
Accounting ACCT Ph.D.
Adult and Lifelong Learning RHRC Ed.D.
Animal Science ANSC Ph.D.
Anthropology ANTH Ph.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Biological Engineering BAEGPh.D.
Biology BISC Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering BMEG Ph.D.
Business Administration WCBD Ph.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Cell and Molecular Biology GRAD Ph.D.
Chemical Engineering CHEG Ph.D.
Chemistry CHBC Ph.D.
Civil Engineering CVEG Ph.D.
Community Health Promotion HHPRPh.D.
Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies ARSDPh.D.
Computer Engineering CSCE Ph.D.
Computer Science CSCE Ph.D.
Counselor Education RHRC Ph.D.
Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences CSES Ph.D.
Curriculum and Instruction CIED Ph.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Economics ECON Ph.D.
Education Policy EDRE Ph.D.
Educational Leadership CIED Ed.D.
Educational Statistics and Research Methods ESRM Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering ELEG Ph.D.
Engineering ENGD Ph.D.
English ENGL Ph.D.
Entomology ENTO Ph.D.
Environmental Dynamics ENDY Ph.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Finance FINN Ph.D.
Food Science FDSC Ph.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Geosciences GEOS Ph.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Higher Education RHRC Ed.D.
History HIST Ph.D.
Human Resource and Workforce Development Education RHRC Ed.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Industrial Engineering INEG Ph.D.
Information Systems ISYS Ph.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Kinesiology HHPRPh.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Management MGMT Ph.D.
Marketing MKTL Ph.D.
Mathematics MASC Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering MEEG Ph.D.
Microelectronics-Photonics GRAD Ph.D.
Program Name Department Degree Type
Nursing NURS D.N.P.
Program Name Department Degree Type
Philosophy PHIL Ph.D.
Physics PHYS Ph.D.
Plant Science AFLD Ph.D.
Poultry Science POSC Ph.D.
Psychology PSYC Ph.D.
Public Policy GRAD Ph.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Recreation and Sport Management HHPREd.D.
Rehabilitation RHRC Ph.D.
Program NameDepartmentDegree Type
Space and Planetary Sciences GRAD Ph.D.
Supply Chain Management SPCMPh.D.