Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree Education Concentration


This program is designed for in-service secondary school teachers or students interested in teaching physical sciences at the Community College level. Students choosing this degree program must notify the Graduate Affairs Committee by April 30 in their first year of study. It requires 30 semester hours of graduate work.


Prospective candidates for the Master of Arts degree - education concentration are expected to have earned credit in courses equivalent to PHYS 2054, 2075, 3614 and 3113. Deficiencies may be removed either by taking the appropriate courses or by examination.


The candidate's program must include at least six semester hours of physics courses numbered 5000 or above, and at least three hours of 590V. Up to nine semester hours of credit toward this degree will be allowed from physical science and graduate education courses. All courses selected to apply on this degree must be approved by the student's adviser in accordance with the above requirements.

Recommended courses include PHYS 400V, 4113, 4213, 4333, 4621, 574V, 588V and 590V.


Each person receiving the Master of Arts degree - education track must have at least one hour of Masters Research, satisfied by a written research report based either on the 502V, 588V, or 590V project. A final comprehensive oral exam is given by an advisory committee.


MASTER of ARTS in PHYSICS with an Education Concentration

Typical Curriculum for a future Community College Teacher

Semester 1 Hours Semester 2 Hours

Year 1:

PHYS 4003 Lab & Class Pract. 3 PHYS 5103 Mechanics 3

ASTR 4013 Astrophysics 3 PHYS 4213 Physics of Devices 3

PHYS 462L Modern Phys Lab 1 Education 5XXX 3

PHYS 5811 Research and Operations 1 9





PHYS 5022 Indv. Study in Adv. Phys 2

MEPH 5821 Ethics for Scientists 1

PHYS 5881 Selected topics in Exp. 1


Year 2:


PHYS 3544 Optics (No credit to MA) 4 PHYS 5903 MA research 3

Education or Physical Science 3 PHYS 4333 Thermal Physics 3

7 6


Typical Curriculum for an In-Service Secondary Teacher


Year 1:

PHYS 4002 2 PHYS 4213 Physics of Devices 3

Total for year 5

Summer 1:


ETEC 5233 Teaching Ed. Technology 3 MEPH 5821 Ethics for Scientists 1

PHYS 5023 Indv. Study in Adv. Phys 3 PHYS 4XXX or 5XXX 3

Total for summer 10

Year 2:


PHYS 5882 Selected topics in Exp. 2 PHYS 4113 Physics in Perspective 3

Total for year 5

Summer 2:


SEED 5113 Secondary Sch. Curric. 3 SEED 5313 Eval. of Instruction 3

PHYS 5904 MA research 4

Total for summer 10