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Connections with the College of Education continue to grow through the new endowed chair in science education.

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Building further ties and working relationships between the Physics Department and the College of Education is a primary goal of PhysTEC.




Courses Related to PhysTEC

The TIR will bring content to the following education classes:

CIED 4128 Elementary Education Content Integration After participating in the fall semester of PHYS 400V, in conjunction with one of the inquiry-based physics labs, the Teacher-in-Residence will visit the three elementary integrated content cohorts on a rotating basis in order to provide additional physics content/concepts to pre-service teachers. Then, along with the professor, the TIR would discuss how the specific activity could be used in an elementary classroom when teaching a particular concept.

CIED 5243 Special Methods of Instruction I This class is held the summer after the above participation. The TIR would work with the middle level and secondary education professors providing suggestions in instructional planning, microteaching, and development of instructional materials.

CIED 5253 Special Methods of Instruction II This is a fall course. It will be enriched by student presentations as more physics majors enter the class and can share physics activities in the student presentations, which are currently heavily weighted toward biology and earth sciences.

CIED 5293 Special Methods for Interdisciplinary Instruction. The math, chemistry and physics departments have all expressed an interest in providing whatever expertise is necessary to enrich this course.