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UPI is now a required part of the College of Engineering freshman experience because of its role in the retention of students.

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University Physics I

University Physics I is a calculus-based university introductory mechanics class developed at the University of Arkansas by John and Gay Stewart with partial support from the PhysTEC program. University Physics I was designed to be presented with two 50 minute lectures and two 50 minute laboratories each week. The class involves careful timing of laboratory with lecture, laboratories designed around hands-on activities. The textbook is Eric Mazur's conservation first with additional reading material specifically crafted to support conceptual learning. Two implementations of the University Physics I lab manual have seen developed and tested. Both are available through the links below. Version II replaces some hands-on activities with pencil and paper activities designed to promote group discussion (heads-on rather than hands-on).




Version I: Maximally Hands-on Laboratory Manual

Version II: Hands-On with Additional Group Discussion Laboratory Manual


Physics of Jousting

Honors students construct a number of interesting devices each semester; potato guns, trebuchets, hover crafts, and coupled pendulum and also perform some interesting experiments. The student shown to the right investigated the physics of jousting.