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Selected TRL Publications

Stahle, D.W., E.R. Cook, J. Villanueva Diaz, F.K. Fye, D.J. Burnette, R.D. Griffin, R. Acuna Soto, R. Seager, and R.R. Heim Jr., 2009. Early 21st century drought in Mexico. Eos 90: 89-90.
Stahle, D.W., F.K. Fye, and E.R. Cook, 2007.  Tree-ring reconstructed megadroughts over North America since AD 1300.  Climatic Change 83: 133-149.
Le Quesne, C., D.W. Stahle, M.K. Cleaveland, M.D. Therrell, J.C. Aravena, and J. Barichivich, 2006. Ancient Cipres Tree-Ring Chronologies Used to Reconstruct Central Chile Precipitation Variability from A.D. 1200-2000. Journal of Climate 19: 5731-5744.
Therrell, M.D., D.W. Stahle, L.P. Ries, H.H. Shugart, 2006. Tree-Ring Reconstructed Rainfall Variability in Zimbabwe. Climate Dynamics 26: 677-685.
Therrell, M.D., D.W. Stahle, M.K. Cleaveland, J. Villanueva-Diaz, E. Cornejo Oviedo, 2006.  Tree-ring reconstructed maize yield in Central Mexico:  1474-2001.  Climatic Change 74: 493-504.
Stahle, D.W., M.K. Cleaveland, R.D. Griffin, M.D. Spond, F.K. Fye, R.B. Culpepper, and D. Patton, 2006.  Decadal drought effects on endangered woodpecker habitat.  Eos, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 87: 121, 125.
Griffin, R.D., D.W. Stahle, and M.D. Therrell, 2005. Repeat photography in the ancient Cross Timbers of Oklahoma, USA. Natural Areas Journal 25: 176-182.
Therrell, M.D., D.W. Stahle, R. Acuna Soto, 2004. Aztec drought and the curse of One Rabbit. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 85: 1263-1272.
Fye, F.K., D.W. Stahle, and E.R. Cook, 2003. Paleoclimatic analogs to 20th century moisture regimes across the USA. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 84: 901-909.
Stahle, D.W., F.K. Fye, and M.D. Therrell, 2003. Interannual to decadal climate and streamflow variability estimated from tree rings. The Quaternary Period in the United States, edited by A. Gillespie, S.C. Porter, and B. Atwater. Elsevier, Developments in Quaternary Science, pp. 491-504.

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Therrell, M.D., D.W. Stahle, M.K. Cleaveland, and J. Villanueva-Diaz, 2002. Warm season tree growth and precipitation over Mexico. Journal of Geophysical Research 107(D14): ACL6-1 to 6-8.

Stahle, D.W., M.D. Therrell, M.K. Cleaveland, D.R. Cayan, M.D. Dettinger, and N. Knowles, 2001. Ancient blue oak reveal human impact on San Francisco Bay salinity. Eos, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 82 (12) 141, 144-145. Reprinted by AGU in Earth in Space, April 2001.

Stahle, D.W., E.R. Cook, M.K. Cleaveland, M.D. Therrell, D.M. Meko, H.D. Grissino-Mayer, E. Watson, and B.H., Luckman, 2000. Tree-ring data document 16th century megadrought over North America, Eos, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 81(12): 212,125. Reprinted by AGU in Earth in Space, March 2000.

Stahle, D.W., P.T. Mushove, M.K. Cleaveland, F. Roig, and G.A. Haynes, 1999. Management implications of annual growth rings in Pterocarpus angolensis from Zimbabwe. Forest Ecology and Management 124:217-229.

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Stahle, D.W., and M.K. Cleaveland, 1992. Reconstruction and analysis of spring rainfall over the Southeastern U.S. for the past 1000 years. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society , 73: 1947–1961

Stahle, D.W., R.B. VanArsdale, and M.K. Cleaveland, 1992. Tectonic Signal in baldcypress trees at Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee. Seismological Research Letters, 63: 439–448.

Stahle, D.W., M.K. Cleaveland and J.G. Hehr, 1985. A 450–year drought reconstruction for Arkansas, United States. Nature 316: 530–532.