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Wales is located on Cape Prince of Wales, at the western tip of the Seward Peninsula, 111 miles northwest of Nome. Average summer temperatures range from 40-50 °F; winter temperatures range from -10 to 6 °F. Annual precipitation is 10 inches, including 35 inches of snow. Frequent fog, wind and blizzards limit access to Wales.

Wales became a major whaling center due to its location along the migratory routes, and it was the region's largest and most prosperous village, with more than 500 residents. The influenza epidemic in 1918-19 claimed the lives of many of Wales' finest whalers. Wales has a strong traditional whaling culture. The current population is approximately 154.

The economy of Wales is based on subsistence hunting and fishing, trapping, Native arts and crafts, and some mining. A private reindeer herd is managed out of Wales by local residents. Whales, walrus, polar bear, moose, salmon, and other fish are utilized. Whalers hunt the bowhead whale during the spring when the begins to break up.

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