The National Science Foundation funded a workshop that was held at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art on March 21-22, 2000. The workshop was titled Native Whaling in the Western Arctic: Development, Spread, and Responses to Changing Environment. Presentations were given by the projects principle investigators about previous NSF supported work. Other presentations included those by natural scientists regarding environmental factors influencing Native whaling, reports on whaling studies in Chukotka, and open discussions about future research. Four half-day panels were organized to discuss these and related topics. Representatives from five Alaskan whaling communities participated in the workshop.

The complete workshop schedule is available. The titles of several presentations can be selected in order to view the associated abstract. If you wish to contact a workshop participant, click on the author's name while viewing the abstract, or a comprehensive list of workshop participants and there contact information is also available.

A booklet (In Pursuit of Agviq: Some Results of the Western Whaling Societies Regional Integration Project) covering the information discussed at the workshop as well as additional information collected in subsequent meetings is also available. Copies can be purchased for a small fee from ENRI. Select the booklet title for more information.