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Variety Trials

At each location, the field was subdivided into four areas sufficiently large to contain one plot for each of the entires in the test. Thus, unless otherwise noted, each entry was replicated four times. Seeding rates of 110 lb/acre were used to establish 20 foot long plots, each containing seven rows spaced seven inches apart. Conventional seedbed preparation methods were used. Plots were end-trimmed and harvested with a plot combine. All plots in a test at a location were harvested on the same day.

Weather data were available at each test location. Daily maximum, minimum, and average temperature and rainfall were recorded. None of the test plots were irrigated.

The following measurements were taken for each entry.

Yields were calculated from the weight of seed from each plot and are expressed as bushels per acre (bu/A) at 13% moisture content.

Test weight:
Test weights are expressed as pounds per bushel (lb/bu).

Lodging is reported as an estimated percentage of plants prostrate at harvest.  Lodging ratings are taken at harvest. Thus, an early maturing entry may have a higher rating from a delay in harvest.  High lodging scores are sometimes directly related to a large number of seed per head or high grain yield.

Heading date:
Heading dates are reported as the day on which an estimated 50% of the heads had emerged.

Maturity date:
Maturity dates are reported as the day on which an estimated 90% of the culms were yellow.

Disease ratings:
Disease ratings are based on visual estimation of the percentage of leaf or glume area displaying symptoms.


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