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Disaster Recovery Plan
Backup Procedures

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:30:33 CST

Every system that Computing Services operates is backed up regularly. The backup media for each of these systems is relocated to an off-site storage area where there is a high probability that the media will survive in the event a disaster strikes. Two off-site storage locations are used:

Three sets of backups exist at any one time. The most recent backups are stored at the Bell Engineering location. The second most recent are stored at the Business Administration location. And the oldest are stored in the tape vault at the Administrative Services Building.

When a new backup is made, the tapes are rotated through these sites. The new tapes go to Bell. Its tapes go to BADM. And its tapes go to ADSB. The tapes at ADSB are retained for use with the next round of backups.

The procedures for making the backups for each individual computer system differs. In general, media-level or full file system level backups are taken in a given cycle (typically weekly). In some instances, there are additional application-level backups for a system that may be run on a daily basis. Some systems support incremental backups, and these are typically run on a daily basis.

The following documents describe in detail the regular backup procedures and cycles for each of the computer platforms.

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