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Disaster Recovery Plan
Cold Site Preparation: Air Conditioning

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:31:12 CST

Existing air conditioning and climate control facilities in the Bell Engineering cold site ( BELL 108) are not sufficient to handle the requirements of a mainframe system. The mainframe equipment by itself requires nearly 300,000 BTUs cooling capacity. Additional equipment for the power distribution system, distributed systems (large unix servers, file servers, etc.), network equipment, and human operators raise the total to over 400,000 BTUs.

After the BELL 108 suite has been cleared of existing computer lab equipment, and before any other equipment is installed, additional environmental conditioning equipment must be installed. This equipment must provide a minimum of 35 tons of cooling capacity and be capable of regulating the room's relative humidity at 65%. This can be done through the use of two 20-ton Liebert Deluxe System/3 Four-Step environmental control units. (Refer to Liebert's web site www.liebert.com for more information on available units.) The Model FH240GU is a glycol-cooled system capable of cooling up to 216,100 BTUs and keeping the room temperature at 62.5 degrees Fahrenheit (wet bulb).

Details regarding the installation of this unit are pending.

Ducting is present in the ceiling of the BELL 108 suite ....

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