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Disaster Recovery Plan
Cold Site Preparation: Network Connections

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:31:17 CST

A variety of networking connections are needed for the equipment to be housed in the Bell 108 recovery facility. In general, these consist of FDDI fiber optic links to the campus backbone for most of the mainframe and server equipment, with ethernet links servicing some servers and any personal computers in use by recovery personnel in the area.

The following is a recommended list of networking equipment and cabling for the recovery facility.

  1. FDDI - Access to the campus backbone network is conveniently located in Bell 108AB. Cold Site preparations call for knocking a hole in the wall between 108AB and 108C through which network cables can pass. An FDDI concentrator (such as the Synoptics 2914) that has support for a DAS (dual attach station) attachment to the campus backbone FDDI ring, with SAS (single attach station) attachments for each piece of equipment in the following list:

    1. BTI ELC-3 (two separate attachments needed, one for UAFMVS1 and one for UAFSYSB mainframe LPARs)
    2. Comp System (Sun Enterprise/5000)
    3. Warehous System (Sun SparcCenter/2000)

    The FDDI concentrator can be located in room 108AB with the rest of the network equipment, but fiber optic cabling with FDDI SAS terminations of sufficient lengths to reach the equipment are needed.

    All fiber optic cables should be terminate using ST connectors.

    Note: Fiber optic cabling is very fragile and should be installed such that it is not subject to physical abuse of any kind. It is recommended that some provision is made, such as conduit or cable racks, be considered for routing fiber optic cables across the larger spaces in the Bell 108 suite. Since the Cold Site is temporary in nature, string the fiber optic cable along the ceiling and upper walls using hooks and cable ties will likely be sufficient, as long as the final few feet to reach the equipment is protected in some manner (conduit or cable stiffeners).

  2. Ethernet - Ethernet attachments are needed for the following equipment.

    1. BTI ELC-2
    2. Postbox System
    3. Faxgate System
    4. Mailhub System

    It is recommended that all ethernet connections be 10-Base-T using Category 5 UTP cabling. This requires that a ethernet hub with sufficient ports be provided, with a connetion to the router in Bell 108AB. The College of Engineering personnel may be able to assist with short-term networking equipment needs, and cabling may already be present in some office suites or work areas.

    Although Category 5 UTP cabling is not as fragile as fiber optic cabling, provisions to protect the cable would be wise. Use of conduit or cable trays or cable hooks are advised.

  3. IP Addesses - Each piece of equipment attached to the network will have to have a valid IP address. It is likely that the IP address for each system will be different than their counterpart in the damaged primary facility. As a result, the instructions for recovering each system include information on setting the IP addressing parameters.

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