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FDR/SAR Quick Reference

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:34:20 CST

SAR is the Stand Alone portion of the FDR DASD Management System. SAR is a self-loading stand-alone program. SAR enables a user to BACKUP or RESTORE a disk volume when the OS/VS system is unavailable. SAR will execute on all 370, 30XX and 43xx type CPU's. It will automatically determine the mode of operation that the CPU is running under(370, XA or ESA).

SAR supports three major operations:

RESTORE - A disk volume from a backup tape
DUMP - A disk volume or dataset to tape
CLIP - A disk volume to a new volume serial

Locating the FDR/SAR Program

An IPLable version of the Standalone SAR program is present on tape in the Disaster Recovery Lock Box.

This tape is the FDR distribution tape. The tape is standard labeled with the first file containing a loadable Stand-alone program.

Running Standalone SAR

To run the Standalone SAR program, mount the tape on an available tape drive and IPL the system from that device.

You MUST execute the IPL process 5 times to bypass standard labels on the tape.

Ensure that the previous IPL is done before the next is initiated.

The procedure for starting SAR is as follows:

  1. Make sure all devices to be used by SAR are online to the CPU enabled and ready.

  2. IPL the tape. SAR goes into a wait state when the IPL process is complete.

  3. Press the Request or Enter key from the console. Messages providing the SAR processing default options will now appear on the operator console.

  4. Enter one response at a time depressing the ENTER key. If the response is valid, SAR will position the cursor to the next response.

Options that will be displayed and suggested responses are:

HRDCOPY DEVICE=mmmm (370 console ex. 3210 or 3215)
HRDCOPY UNIT=uuu (3 digit HEX address of the device)
INPUT TAPE UNIT=uuu (3 digit HEX address of the device)
MODE=D4 (3480 18TK)
OUTPUT DISK UNIT=dddd-x (type and model ex. 3390-2)
VOLUME SERIAL=vvvvvv,CPY=Y (vvvvvv vol-ser of pack being restored)


The CPY option indicates how the label on the volume is to be handled.

Valid options are:
Y - takes the vol-ser from the dumped pack
N - retains the vol-ser of the receiving pack
C - SAR will prompt the user for the new vol-ser

The DUMP,RESTORE or CLIP will begin when all of the options have been specified.

Successful completion of the process will be indicated by an 'FDR999 SAR SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED' message.


Complete documentation for the SAR program is available in the FDR User's Manual.

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