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Disaster Recovery Plan
Requisition Procedures

Last update: Tuesday, 21-Mar-2000 10:35:28 CST


  1. Obtain a Requisition number from Computing Services Requisition number list.

  2. Fill-in Quotation Abstract Item Description Page (Document DRPPUR06) with descriptions of items and/or services for which quotations are being solicited (e.g., equipment make and model numbers, installation services for equipment/software listed, etc.)

  3. FAX the Item Description Page to at least three vendors likely to be able to provide needed goods or services. Call the vendor to insure that they know the FAX has been sent and understand the need for a quick response. Timeframes for responses can be very short; just be reasonable for the goods requested.

  4. Summarize the vendor responses to the Quotation Abstracts on the Quotation Abstract Quotation Summary Page (Document DRPPUR07).

  5. Attach the vendor responses, any contacts or agreements, and the Quotation Summary Page to Requisition(s) made out for the lowest qualified bids.

  6. If quotations are completed during normal University business hours, provide the Requisition, Quotation Abstracts, and any contracts to the Purchasing Office for issuance of Purchase Orders. Due to the immediate need, Purchase Order numbers should to be called to the appropriate vendor, or copies should be FAXed, depending upon the policies of the vendor(s) receiving the order(s).

    If the quotations are completed after hours, instruct the appropriate vendors to proceed with processing the order. Obtain the purchasing approvals and Purchase Orders as soon as possible during the next available business hours.

    If no University purchasing staff are available due to the nature of the disaster, instruct the appropriate vendors to proceed with processing the order, and forward Requisition(s) and Quotation Abstract(s) to the Office of State Purchasing for issuance of Purchase Order(s).

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