Larry Foley

Professor Larry Foley

Professor of Journalism
Documentary Writer & Producer
UATV Faculty Advisor
University of Arkansas
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Larry Foley is a professor of journalism and an accomplished documentary film maker. His productions have earned many regional, national and international awards, including three Emmys from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and eight Emmy nominations.

Foley specializes in writing and producing films on cultural history. His documentary credits include Sacred Spaces-The Architecture of Fay Jones, The Greatest Coach Ever, Beacon of Hope-The Story of the University of Arkansas, Charles Banks Wilson-Portrait of an American Artist (Mid-America Emmy), The Forgotten Expedition, It Started Here: Early Arkansas and the Louisiana Purchase, 22 Straight, Arkansas’ Natural Heritage, Out of the Woods, The Keetoowahs Come Home, The Black Swamp, The Governor from Greasy Creek, Arkansas-A Special Place, Hell on the Border, and Natural, Wild & Free.

His PBS credits include The Buffalo Flows (Mid America Emmy-Writer), Saving the Eagles, The Lost Squadron and When Lightning Struck: Saga of an American Warplane (Mid-America Emmy). His work has also been nationally broadcast on ABC, CBS and ESPN.

Foley returned to his alma mater in 1993 to teach, produce documentaries, and build and direct a center for the teaching of television reporting and production. In 1996, he founded and is faculty advisor for the campus television station, UATV. In October 2003, he was inducted into the Lemke Department of Journalism's Hall of Honor, the highest award bestowed upon journalism graduates of the University of Arkansas. In 2009, Professor Foley taught a team of young documentary filmmakers who received a Mid-America Emmy Award for best student produced program (KURM Radio-Soapbox of the Air).

Before coming to the U of A, Foley spent nine years at the Arkansas Educational Television where he worked his way up the ladder to the network’s number two position. He is a former reporter, morning news anchor, assignment editor and producer for KATV Channel 7, Little Rock.

Foley, his wife Susan and family live on Mt. Sequoyah in Fayetteville.

Films by Larry Foley


Sacred Spaces, The Architecture of Fay Jones (60 minutes). One hour documentary film on acclaimed Arkansas architect. Premiered April 2009 at dedication of Fay Jones School of Architecture at University of Arkansas. Screened at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

The Greatest Coach-Ever! 30-minute documentary film on the life and career of former University of Arkansas Track Coach John McDonnell. Screened at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.


The Buffalo Flows, story of the nation’s first national river (56:46). PBS national premiere: October 6, 2009. Mid-America Emmy for Best Writer-Program and Best Musical Score. Mid-America Emmy nominations: Cultural Documentary, Photography/Program. Broadcast Education Association Award of Excellence,2009.


Beacon of Hope--The story of the University of Arkansas (52-minutes). 2008 Mid-America Emmy Nomination. Winner of 2008 BEA “Best of Festival” Award. AETN broadcast: fall 2007. Screened at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.


Charles Banks Wilson: Portrait of an American Artist. Premiere: Fall 2006, AETN and OETA. Screened at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa. Story of 88-year old artist, and the people he has known and painted. NETA national broadcast distribution to PBS stations: April 2007. (30-minutes) Mid-America Emmy Award for Best Cultural Documentary, 2007. Best Documentary Short award, Trail Dance Film Festival, 2008.


Echoes of Inspiration. A film by Larry Foley and Dale Carpenter, produced for the University of Arkansas. Winner of BEA Award of Excellence and Special Technical Merit.


22 Straight! 71 minute film about the stories surrounding the Arkansas Razorback football team’s 22 game winning streak, 1963-66. Released on DVD in August 2004. Selected for screening at opening of William Clinton Library on November 17, 2004. Two DVD set also includes Foley interview with Frank Broyles, on Broyles’ 46 years career at Arkansas.

The Flight of Glacier Girl: 52-minute film premiered on Arkansas Educational Television. This film is the story of the first flight of a P-38 WW II fighter plane dug out of Greenland ice cap in 1992.


It Started Here, Early Arkansas and the Louisiana Purchase: 30-minute documentary that begins at initial survey point for Louisiana Purchase and tells story of Arkansas history, circa 1800-1836. AETN premiere: May 2003. National distribution: August 2003 by NETA. Presented at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.


The Forgotten Expedition: story of Dunbar and Hunter, two explorers hired by Thomas Jefferson to explore southern part of Louisiana Purchase in 1804. AETN premiere: Fall 2002. National: August 2003 by NETA. Presented at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

Imagine, Inquire, Impart: film documenting the traditions, teaching, research and future of the University of Arkansas.


Sanatorium Hill: story of the survivors of the TB Sanatorium at Booneville, Arkansas, once among the largest in the world. Broadcast on Arkansas Educational Television Network. Presented at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. Accepted for broadcast by South Carolina ETV for new series, Southern Lens, in 2004.


When Lightning Struck, Saga of an American Warplane: 30-minute television documentary that tells the story of the rarest of all the WWII fighters, the P-38 Lightning, through the heroism of the men who flew the plane called the "fork-tailed devil.” AETN Premiere: May 2000. PBS distribution: January 2001. Presented at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.


Arkansas' Natural Heritage: 30-minute public television documentary that explores prairies, rivers, swamps and waterfalls that have been preserved the way they appeared to the first European explorers, untouched by human hands. Narrated by former U.S. Senator Dale Bumpers. AETN Premiere: January 28, 1999. National broadcast premiere (NETA) May 8, 1999.


Saving the Eagles: 30-minute public television documentary about the mystery of the largest die off of bald eagles in American history. Premiered on AETN, March 1998. National broadcast by PBS, The Public Broadcasting Service, November 8, 1998.


The Lost Squadron: 30-minute public television documentary about a World War II squadron, lost in a fog, that crash landed on the Greenland ice cap in 1942. Fifty years later, one of the P-38 fighter planes was dug out of 268 feet of ice and is being restored in the Cumberland Gap of Kentucky. Premiered on AETN, October 1997. National broadcast by PBS, April 12 and May 31, 1999. Presented at Hot Springs

Documentary Film Festival.

Out of the Woods: 30 minute public television documentary about the history and importance of the forest industry in Arkansas. Features industrial, private and public forests, and history of Ozark and Ouachita National Forests. Premiered on AETN, September 1997.


The Black Swamp: 60-minute television documentary/video research program on east Arkansas wetland. Shot over four seasons on the Cache River in east Arkansas, the program takes a look at some of the most extensive research conducted at a bottomland hardwood forest. AETN broadcast: October 1995. Distributed nationally, via satellite, to PBS stations by Southern Educational Communications Association (SECA), March 31,1996.

The Keetoowahs Come Home: 30-minute television documentary on Native American tribe attempting to leave Oklahoma and return to ancestral land in Arkansas. AETN broadcast: November 1995. National satellite distribution to PBS stations via SECA: April 1996.

The Governor from Greasy Creek: 60-minute documentary/interview with former Arkansas Governor Orval E. Faubus, infamous for attempting to block the desegregation of Little Rock's Central High School in 1957. Aired on AETN days before Faubus died.


Amber Waves: 13-part public television series (30-minute programs) featuring some of the best human interest stories by producers from around the nation. Distributed to public TV stations nationally by SECA in 1993.

Other films by Larry Foley: Natural Wild and Free, The Ernie Deane Story, Hell on the Border, Arkansas-A Special Place, The Razorbacks-A Winning Tradition, Bend in the Big River, The Conway Story, The Little Rock Story and the Pine Bluff story.