Food Technology Education Program

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Getting Started;
This website has over 40 free educational modules each lasting 30 to 90 minutes in the area of Food Science and Technology. They can be viewed by going to the Modules of Instruction section. Before you begin, it is suggested that you read the section entitled Program Information and Content.

The Program;
The Arkansas Food Technology Educational Program (AFTEP) is a free service of the University of Arkansas, the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service and the Institute of Food Science & Engineering providing education in areas of food science and technology designed to serve the interests of food companies, educational programs and entrepreneurs. This program consists over 40 topics and was developed in response to numerous requests from food processing companies in Arkansas who want to enhance the educational development opportunities for their personnel.

Uses of the Program;
Others that may use and benefit from these modules are: 

*Individuals already in the industry who want to improve their knowledge and skills without having to go to college. 

*Work Force Institutes teaching local employees of food companies.

*Food industry trainers teaching their employees in a wide range of subjects.

*Entrepreneurs who want to get into the food processing business and people who want to learn more about the industry.

*County Extension personnel educating persons interested in food science or related subjects and 4-H members in food project areas.

*High school and Community College teachers wanting to enhance the teaching of chemistry, biochemistry, biology and careers in food science.

*Any person thirsting for knowledge in the vast areas of food science.

Features of the Program;
Some of the features of the program that make it easy to use and unique are;
*Easy to use.
*Free of cost.
*Covers a broad range of subject matter in the area of Food Science and Technology in varying degrees of complexity.
*Each module covers the highlights (most important facts) of the subject matter. The program's teaching theme is the "mastery of the fundamentals in Food Science".
*The modules were prepared by college professors or experts in the field who have devoted their careers to the subject matter. The course materials are condensed and compressed from 40 hour semester-long courses to 1 hour presentations covering the highlights of the course.
*The program's learning method uses a visual presentation along with a narrative so you can read while the module speaks to you. Modules may and should be reviewed many times so you can master its contents.