Spaceflight Instrumentation Facility

University of Arkansas



About Us


The Spaceflight Instrument Facility at the University of Arkansas is a partnership between the Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences and the Departments of Chemical and Mechanical Engineering.  The laboratory consists of a suite of areas in which instruments are taken from “concept” to “flight-ready”.  The facility is currently under construction and when completed in 2007 will be a state-of-the-art facility for the development of instruments for spaceflight.  The Mechanical Engineering Department is a founding member of the Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Science and Chemical Engineering joined in 2006.  Both are full partners in the center.


Since we are a university facility, our primary mission is to support the research mission of the university while providing an exciting means for education and training for students at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Undergraduate students can participate in research through two undergraduate research experience programs, one for Arkansas honors students in the academic year program and one for students enrolled in the 10-week summer program primarily for students from universities other than Arkansas.  Graduate students are generally enrolled in the graduate programs in space and planetary science.








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