Office for Education Policy

2010 OEP Conference: Preparing Effective Leaders

April 16th, 2010 The Double Tree Hotel, Little Rock, Arkansas

The New Principal Role in Tomorrow's Schools
Keynote address by:
Commissioner of Education Tom Kimbrell
"Our teachers and principals are heroes to us... because they change lives."

Session 1: Qualities of Leadership
What to look for...

A Unique Perspective on Leadership from a Former Superintendent and Current Legislator
Representative Les Carnine, Arkansas Legislature
"We are all in the same business... this is not a competition."

A View of School Leadership From the Public Charter School Sector
Scott Shirey, KIPP: Delta College Prepatory School
"We can't continue to drill deeper into the ocean for finite resources...
we need to find a new resource for leadership."

What School Board Members Seek in the Process of Selecting a Superintendent
Reed Greenwood, University of Arkansas
"If we lose sight of these young people, then
we are missing the boat in education."

And why it matters.

The Attraction of Good Leadership
Bob Maranto, University of Arkansas
"These kids deserve [to be taught by] someone who wants the job."

The Link Between Leadership and Student Achievement
John Pijanowski, University of Arkansas
"many of the things that leaders do that are linked to positive student achievement
are the same things that keep good teachers in schools."

Session 2: Improving Educational Leadership
From training leaders...

The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Colleges of Education
Tom Smith, University of Arkansas
"You learn how to do the job by watching
people who are really good."

Leadership Preparation Research: Implications for Arkansas Colleges of Education
Diana Pounder, University of Central Arkansas
"If there is a single component of an Ed Leadership Program, it's the internship...
most students are professionals in the field."

To professional development for principals in the field.

Excellence and Collaboration in Educational Leadership (EXCEL) Program
Joshua Barnett, Arizona State University
"We've had conversations about the theory [of training effective leaders];
we decided it was time to act."

Building Principal Capacity for Effective Performance Management
Ellen Hur, The New Teacher Project
"TNTP believes that an 'effective teacher' in a high school must close or narrow the achievement gap that has long disadvantaged poor and minority students."

How Can Professional Development and Mentoring Improve Principal Effectiveness?
Debbie Davis, Arkansas Leadership Academy
"Incentives work. There are significant incentives for [Arkansas Leadership Academy]
principals who work in high needs schools."

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