From the beginning in 1905, Einstein’s relativity has been about clocks. So we shall begin by trying to show all the clocks in the world! (next pages)

But, the world has changed since 1905. With the invention of the laser and the redefinition of the meter in terms of light wave speed, we now use light waves for both our clocks and our meter sticks.

So this presentation is dedicated to light waves and to Kenneth M. Evenson (1932-2002) whose laser measurement of c=299,792,458 meters per second enhanced all space and time measurement of our world and universe.

It also enhanced thinking about waves. Our first analogy for light is World of 24 clocks, an animated wave of solar time going around the world each day.

The clocks are analogous to Weyl or Tesla wave phase gauges or phasors that we use in developing relativity and quantum theory. The clock wave is a lot slower than c, only 40,074 km per 24 hrs. or 464 m/s at the equator. But, that’s a good thing. In this business we think slowly to learn fast.

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