What is novel about this site’s explanation of relativity?

This site is a colorful view of relativity using a spectral approach that is novel and extremely powerful.  It takes advantage of the laser revolution (1960-2005), particularly as it has replaced older-fashioned clocks and meter-sticks with modern optical wave space-time metrology.  These advances have led to advents such as the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Space-time coordinate transformations are shown to be an axiomatic result of laser wave interference, which can be quickly visualized using elementary Euclidian geometry.  This approach, like that of Euclid’s Elements, first simplifies its axioms (by applying Occam's razor) so that they become clearer, more extensible and more productive.

The axiom of invariant lightspeed made famous by Einstein is given a colorful or spectral restatement that leads to a more intuitive picture of relativity.  It also leads to deeper understanding of both classical and quantum mechanics, in both the relativistic and Newtonian regimes.

So this site not only addresses Einstein's 1905 paper on the speed of light and space-time relativity, but connects it to his other works in that year including Brownian mechanics of atomic particles, the corpuscular (particle-like) nature of light, and the famed relation of mass, velocity, energy and momentum.

The wave optics of this new approach show that Einstein's particle mechanics result from the geometry of light interference.  Indeed, they can be all derived by a few steps with a ruler and compass. We hope these results meet the Pirelli Challenge and go a few steps beyond.

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