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United States Department of Agriculture

National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)

U.S. & State Rice Stocks (Quarterly)

U.S. & State Crop Progress (Weekly)

U.S. & State Crop Production (Monthly)

U.S. & State Crop Production-Prospective Plantings (Yearly in March)

U.S. & State Crop Production-Acreage (Yearly in June)


USDA Situation & Outlook

Rice Outlook (Monthly)

Rice Yearbook (Yearly)


USDA Market Reports

National Rice Summary (Weekly)

Louisiana Rice Summary (Weekly)

FAS Attache Report Request (See especially weekly Thailand rice price report and weekly Netherland rice report)

USDA World Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE-Monthly)

U.S. Outstanding Export Sales (Weekly)

Current World Market and Trade Reports (Monthly-Grains)

U.S. Crop Production-Acreage-supplement (PCP-BB)

Announced World Market Price


Chicago Board of Trade: Rice

Daily Chart and Statistics Rough Rice Prices (Monthly)

Futures and Options Market Quotes (latest futures)

Contract Specifications for Rough Rice Futures and Options


Other Links

Riceweb (IRRI, WARDA & CIAT)

USA Rice Federation

USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service - Calendar

Rice Market Monitor / FAO


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