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Below you will find a tabulation containing contact information for each participant in NOVA Chautauqua during summer 2003.

By clicking on the name of each Chautauqua participant under the "PARTICIPANT AND AFFILIATION" header, you will open a directory or folder on the CD-ROM containing all educational products developed by that person during their 5 days of involvement in NOVA Chautauqua. These folders may contain raw data or images used in compiling individual products, documents describing each exercise, rubrics describing the evaluation/assessment strategy for each project, completed animations suitable for play-back on most media player software applications, or other products used in the development of the learning modules .

Alternatively, you can view each completed learning module by clicking on the hyperlink under the "FOLDER CONTENTS" header. These links will provide you an opportunity to quickly view learning products developed during NOVA Chautauqua without searching through the individual data directories for each project.

Again, it is important to note that all projects contained on this CD-ROM were initiated, conceived, and completed entirely within the five working days of each NOVA Chautauqua session. As such, the total quantity and overall quality of each project is impressive and is indicative of the power of advanced digital technologies to dramatically improve methods of instruction in all areas of science and education when placed in the hands of bright, energetic, and creative faculty.
NOVA Chautauqua Session I, 23-29 June 2003, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Mark Peebles
Department of Natural Sciences
St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg, FL
PH: 727-712-5722
FAX: none
e-mail: peeblesm@voyager.spjc.cc.fl.us

1. Seasonal Variations in Marine Productivity Using SeaWIFS Imagery
2. SeaWIFS Laboratory Exercise
3. Surface Radiation Flux 1985
4. Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies 2001
5. TOPEX/Poseidon Sea Surface Heights 2002

Bret Jarrett
Department of Marine Sciences
University of South Florida
St. Petersburg, FL
PH: 727-553-1183
FAX: 727-553-1189
e-mail: bjarrett@seas.marine.usf.edu

1. Florida Loop Current Laboratory Exercise
2. Florida Loop Current Dynamics From AVHRR 1994
3. Florida Loop Current Dynamics From AVHRR 2000

Kenneth A. Rasmussen
Department of Geology
Northern Virginia Community College
Annandale, VA
PH: 703-323-2139
FAX: 202-786-2832
e-mail: krasmussen@nvcc.edu

1. ENSO-SST-Water Vapor Exercise
2. Surface Radiation Flux 1985
3. Global Sea Surface Temperature From OTIS (U.S. Navy FNMOC) - 1999
4. Global Tropospheric Water Vapor 2001
5. 3-D Simulation of El Nino - Southern Oscillation 1997-1998
6. El Nino - Southern Oscillation SST Anomalies 1997-1998
7. El Nino - Southern Oscillation Tropospheric Water Vapor 1997-1998
8. Antarctic Sea Ice Concentration 1997-1998
Victor Zabielski
Northern Virginia Community College
Alexandria Campus
3001 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria VA 22311-5097
PH: 703-845-6507
FAX: None
e-mail: vzabielski@nvcc.edu
1. U.S. Climate Laboratory Exercise
2.United States Monthly Precipitation 1999 - 2003
3. United States Monthly Precipitation Departure from Normal 1999 - 2003
4. United States Monthly Temperatures 1999 - 2003
5. United States Monthly Temperatures Departure from Normal 1999 - 2003
Ruth Bombaugh
Department of Teacher Education
Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH
PH: 216-687-2394
FAX: 216-687-5379
e-mail: r.bombaugh@csuohio.edu
1. CSU Earth System Science for Middle School Teachers - Web-Based Course
Jay Reynolds
Scheule Planetarium
Lake Erie Nature and Science Center
Bay Village, OH
PH: 440-871-2900 x213
FAX: 440-871-2901
e-mail: jay@clevelandastro.com
Delbert Dowdy
Department of Physical Sciences
Texarkana College
Texarkana, TX
PH: 903-838-4541x3317
FAX: 903-832-5030
e-mail: ddowdy@texarkanacollege.edu

1. Understanding Lightning Laboratory Exercise
Understanding Lightning Animation
3. Understanding Lightning Explanation
4. Monthly Moon Laboratory Exercise
5. Monthly Moon Animation

6. Monthly Moon Explanation
7. Galileo's Sunspots Animation
8. Supernova Animation

NOVA Chautauqua Session II, 7-13 July 2003, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Russanne Low
Science Center, 212 Pillsbury Hall
University of Minnesota
310 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
PH: 612-625-2505
FAX: 612-625-3819
e-mail: rlow@cce.umn.edu
1. Earth System Science
2. CO2 Time Series
3. Timescale Lab
4. Plate Tectonics
5. Plate Tectonics Animation
6. Computer Models & Simulations
7. Secular Variations in Insolation
8. Orbital Forcing
9. Glaciation
10. Receding Glaciers
11. Global Change Science & Pedagogy
12. Dead Sea Changing
Kathleen Matthew
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Western Kentucky University
One Big Red Way
Bowling Green, KY 42104
PH: 270-745-6321
FAX: 270-745-6322
e-mail: kathleen.matthew@wku.edu

1. Making A Science Content Movie
2. Bernoulli Principle
3. Living or Non-Living
4. The Earth and the Moon
5. The Sun
6. Types of Clouds

Deborah Lively
Department of Biology
Bowling Green Community College
2355 Nashville Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101
PH: 270-745-6321
FAX: 270-745-6322
e-mail: deborah.lively@wku.edu
1. My Favorite Element Rubric
2. My Favorite Element
3. Life of an Atom
4. Antimicrobial Products
5. Antimicrobial Experiment
6. Unravelling DNA
Patrick Miller
School of Science and Mathematics
Cisco Junior College
841 North Judge Ely
Abilene, TX 79601
PH: 915-673-4567 x245
FAX: 915-677-8351
e-mail: pmiller@hsutx.edu
1. Colliding Galaxies
2. Astronomical Effects
3. Planetary Accretion
4. Sunspots and Solar Rotation

Jean Dokers
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Graduate Education Building
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701
PH: 479-575-4209
FAX: None
e-mail: jdokers@uark.edu

1. America the Beautiful
2. The Leonid Meteor Shower
Stephen K. Boss
Department of Geosciences
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR
PH: 479-575-7134
FAX: 479-575-3469
e-mail: sboss@uark.edu

University of Arkansas NOVA Chautauqua Organizer/Facilitator

Caroline Beller
Oklahoma State University
227 Willard Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078-4042
PH: 405-744-8147
FAX: 405-744-6290
e-mail: beller@okstate.edu
Oklahoma State University
NOVA Chautauqua Organizer/Facilitator
Lynne Hehr
Center for Math & Science Education
NASA Educator Resource Center
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR
PH: 479-575-3875
FAX: 479-575-5680
e-mail: lhehr@uark.edu
NASA Educator Resource Center Products
University of Arkansas NOVA Chautauqua Organizer/Facilitator
John G. Hehr
Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR
PH: 479-575-3864
FAX: 479-575-5680
e-mail: jghehr@uark.edu
University of Arkansas NOVA Chautauqua Organizer/Facilitator
L. Michael Freeman
College of Engineering
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL
PH: 205-348-7304
FAX: 205-348-4171
e-mail: mfreeman@coe.eng.ua.edu
University of Alabama NOVA Program Administration, NOVA Observer
Leo Edwards
Mathematics/Science Education Center
Fayetteville State University
School of Business & Economics Bldg Rm328
1200 Murchison Road
Fayetteville, NC 28301
PH: 910-672-1669
FAX: 910-672-1862
e-mail: ledwards@uncfsu.edu
Fayetteville State University NOVA Program Administration, NOVA Observer

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