Celebrating Our Graduates


More than 4,200 graduates will have their names added to Senior Walk after this spring’s commencement ceremonies. Our new graduates are about to begin a new adventure, but they will forever be a part of the U of A family, as their names will be added to the more than 175,000 names etched into our campus walkways. Senior Walk stretches more than 5 miles across campus and holds the names of graduates from the 1880s through today. Learn more about how Senior Walk is a family tradition for many of our graduates as we celebrate the end of another spectacular year at the University of Arkansas.

2017 Spring Commencement Ceremonies

Saturday, May 20 Commencement

School of Law, 2:00 p.m., Fayetteville Town Center

Share your graduation memories online by using the hashtag #UARK17.

Commencement Information

Normal security precautions will be taken at each of the commencement locations. All guests attending a commencement ceremony will be required to pass through a security checkpoint. Cameras and personal items such as handbags will be inspected. Please allow extra time for this process. Please do not bring baggage, wrapped packages, backpacks, strollers or noise makers to the ceremony. These items must be left at the entrance.

Historic Commencements

Old MainGreek TheaterRazorback Stadium

Old Main

The graduating class from 1896 in front of Old Main

Greek Theater

Commencement from the 1930s at the Chi Omega Greek Theater.

Razorback Stadium

Dr. John W. Gardner gives the commencement address in 1967.

U of A Libraries Digital Collections

June 9, 1947 – 75th Anniversary of the university

Lewis Webster Jones

The degrees conferred upon you today signify that you are now joining an honorable company of intellectual workers, scientists, artists and craftsmen who have built up our civilization, and who will carry it forward into the future.

June 1, 1968

Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey

Others may speak of a "generation gap." I don't. As far as I am concerned, youth is not a period of life but an attitude of mind. All of us - - young and old and in between - - are as old as our despairs and as young as our hopes. As old as our fears and a s young as our faith - -

May 12, 2007

Johnnetta B Cole

Get passionate about what it is you are to do with your life. And if you don’t feel the passion, then keep searching until you find the next field of study or the work that you can,engage in with passion.

January 26, 1961

Robert C. Anderson

It has been my experience that commencement exercises are uncomfortable affairs for almost all concerned. I can assure you that I am just as uncomfortable as you are, today. I shall be brief in my remarks. I hope that I shall also be "to the point."

June 26, 1957

Loy Wesley Henderson, U.S. Foreign Service Officer

“ It was in the neighboring hills of Arkansas that I first saw the light of day.”

June 3, 1949

Rev. Blake Smith

Any serious effort to discover a purpose for living must take into account the nature of the times in which our lives are cast.