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Arkansas Archeology Month
October 2002

Theme: Made From Clay: Cooking & Craftsmanship

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Below are some ideas for participating in Archeology Month. Please check back later for additional ideas and background information on the theme.

  • Teach a make-and-take class on pottery. Let participants make a coil or pinch pot, and decorate it using designs found on Native American pottery or patterns from historic plates.
  • Conduct a tour to a modern potter’s shop. Explore the process of making pottery.
  • Display different styles of pots, jars, and plates—either real examples or pictures from books. Examine the various decorative techniques and learn how each was made.
  • Give a slide show at your local library on pottery from different sites.
  • Learn about Native American foods. Try preparing some dishes in the traditional way, and then sampling them.
  • Study what a complete table service consisted of in Victorian times. How was each dish used?


You can also review activity ideas from past Archeology Weeks:


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