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Dates & Themes

2014: March
Theme: Celebrate Archeology

Theme: Celebrate Archeology

2012: March
Theme: Archeology of Communities

2011: March
Theme: Archeology of Conflict

2010: March
Theme: Partners for the Past

2009: March
Theme: Planting the Seed

2008: March
Theme: Patterns of the Past

2007: March
Theme: Arkansas Rock Art

2006: March
Theme: Merchants & Traders

2005: March
Theme: Life on the Rivers

2004: March
Theme: Containers Before Plastic

2003: March
Theme: Archeology & the Louisiana Purchase

2002: October
Theme: Made from Clay: Cooking & Craftsmanship

Dates & Themes

2001: October 20-28
Theme: Archeological Parks

2000: October 21-29
Theme: A Necessity of Life: Clothing

1999: October 15-24
Theme: A Necessity of Life: Food

1998: October 17-25
Theme: A Necessity of Life: Shelter

1997: October 18-26
Theme: Tools of the Trade

1996: September 14-22
Theme: History Under Ground

1995: April 2-9
Theme: Picture the Past

1994: April 4-10
Theme: Archeology Opens Windows to the Past

1993: April 3-11
Theme: Archeology is About People

1992: April 4-11
Theme: The Past Should Be Forever

1991: April 1-6
Theme: The Past Should Be Forever


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